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Ben Warda Is One of the Great Arab Divas

Warda has delighted regional leaders and composers alike with her soulful vocals, her songs becoming staples on Levantine restaurant playlists. Most notably she collaborated with Egyptian composer Baligh Hamdi (second husband). Who helped hone her craft.

She was asked to perform at Algeria’s 10th anniversary celebration of independence – her first performance since leaving the stage 10 years prior.

Early Life and Education

Ben Warda hails from Lake Orion, Michigan and graduated Akron Summit High School with honors. After initially enrolling at Michigan St. University – though initially under Jeff Blashill and Andy Murray at MSU – Ben moved onto Western Michigan University where he continued playing four years of hockey under Jeff Blashill and Andy Murray for four seasons, winning one CCHA championship title during that time.

He is also an active member of the Assyrian Church of the East (AEC), with a particular interest in Christian culture and history. Additionally, he serves as head coach of 09 Compuware AA team he will enter his 5th season coaching. In addition, he is happily married to Rachel – his beautiful partner.

Professional Career

Warda joined the Peoria Rivermen of the Southern Professional Hockey League after four seasons at Western Michigan University where he earned 107 points during college hockey play and was nominated as a Hobey Baker finalist last year. Additionally, Warda played two years for St Louis Bandits of NAHL.

“I believe in treating women with dignity and respect. No means no and this is something I strongly support,” Salah wrote on Twitter. ‘I also have faith that many individuals can change for the better without needing to go down this path of violence.”

Unfortunately, we never discover what became of Warda; she may have been executed or died in prison – yet her diary gives us an insight into life in Oman during that period.

Achievement and Honors

Warda’s music helped bring Algeria together like no political leader could. She is considered one of the great Arab Divas, with her songs continuing to span genres and generations – for instance a major hip-hop producer sampled one of Warda’s songs (Batwannis Beek) while working on R&B star Aaliyah.

Her father and older siblings initially disapproved of her singing career, but she managed to convince them otherwise after meeting Abdel-Wahab and receiving an invite to perform at Algeria’s 10th anniversary of independence celebrations.

She was the first female singer to do so and sang a song honoring the independence of the nation. For her efforts, the president of the nation awarded her with a gold medal as recognition.

Personal Life

Judge Dangor told Warda it is their obligation as parents to prioritize the welfare of their child above everything else and that unfortunately had not happened here.

Although Lake Orion native John-Paul McIver has received minimal playing time at Western Michigan University (WMU), his work ethic and character have been recognized with high marks by multiple parties. Coach Jeff Blashill describes him as one of the top two or three penalty killers for the team.

Ibrahim’s story explores the inner workings of Oman’s Dhofar Liberation Front, an Arab Marxist movement founded during World War II that sought to drive out British from Oman in the late 1960s and 1970s. Through Warda’s diary entries, we gain insight into its members’ thoughts on political ideology as well as insights about other revolutionary groups.

benjamin warda
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