Benjamin Wooden

Benjamin Wooden

Ben Wood is the Strategy & Advertising Director at UK digital agency Hallam. Specializing in online performance optimization for various industries both domestically and abroad.

He possesses years of experience in the online space and is passionate about emerging technologies. Additionally, he’s an avid Ice Hockey supporter – supporting his local team in England National League competition.

Early Life and Education

Benjamin Wooden was born in 1824 in the United States. He married Nancy and had three children together before passing away in 1860.

Ben has performed in both classical and contemporary repertoire, such as Alun Jones’ version of Romeo and Juliet; Val Caniparoli’s Lady of the Camellias by Armand; and Andre Prokovsky’s Three Musketeers as Porthos.

As well as his dance practice, he also has an avid interest in arts leadership and administration. In previous roles he served as company representative for Louisville Ballet and rehearsal assistant at Smuin Contemporary Ballet; at Imagery as artistic fellow he currently receives mentorship from both managing director Annika Presley and artistic director Amy Seiwert on how best to operate and lead an arts company of this size and scope.

Professional Career

Benjamin Wood specializes in white collar litigation, providing representation to financial institutions, corporations, individuals, political organizations and campaigns in white collar matters. He has handled cases both before federal district and appellate courts as well as regulatory agencies.

He has successfully represented several high-profile clients in criminal matters and is a member of the New York City Bar Association.

Ben had the option to run for Congress in DC but declined because it would involve leaving Pawnee behind. Before making his decision final, however, he gave Leslie a button in a wooden box – this special gesture showed their devotion and devotion for one another, not forgetting its use at other important moments like their proposal and wedding!

Achievement and Honors

Wood has had an accomplished and lasting career reimagining public space through large-scale projections and installations, garnering praise for bringing forgotten voices and histories back into light. He is revered nationally as an artist who can re-imagine public space.

After graduating from Purdue University and winning varsity letters in both basketball and baseball, he taught high school at Dayton High School before coaching basketball at Indiana State Teachers College – now Indiana State University.

He was an outstanding coach, winning nine consecutive NCAA basketball championships and setting numerous other records. However, his primary objective was teaching values and instilling moral integrity into students rather than winning championships himself. Furthermore, he encouraged players to strive for academic excellence.

Personal Life

Benjamin is an attentive husband and father who takes great pleasure in spending time with his family. He met Kim while playing basketball at Utah’s Weber State University; together they have two sons named Eli and Brody and enjoy sunset boat rides together in Rhode Island.

He finds great enjoyment surfing in Narragansett, exercising and practicing martial arts training. Inspired by his passion for the ocean and hospitality services offered throughout Rhode Island’s coast, he decided to start a small business that showcases Rhode Island’s vibrant coastline and hospitality services.

Ben has experienced some devastating personal tragedies recently. His mother passed away of lung cancer while his father battled Huntington’s disease – both events left an impressionable mark upon him and have taught him to appreciate each day he spends with family.

Net Worth

Ben Wood is a renowned hockey player estimated to be worth an estimated $8 Million, having amassed his wealth appearing on popular television series such as Boy Meets World and Girl Meets World.

Fred Savage Jr is best known for his role as Cory Matthews on ABC sitcom Modern Family. In addition to television work, he has also worked in films and stage productions.

His work blends cutting-edge technology with historical subjects, such as public projections on Coit Tower and Mission Dolores. His aim is to animate both spaces while unearthing voices and stories that may otherwise remain dormant.

As of 13 December 2021, he had made 22 trades with Xcel stock since 13 December, according to form 4 insider filings. His largest transaction occurred on 14 May when he sold over 868 4,153 worth units on 14 May for $868 453.00.

Benjamin Wooden
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