Best Pizza in New Paltz

If you’re looking for the best pizza in New Paltz, then you’ve come to the right place. Michael Chiarello recently opened a new pizzeria in the area. About a decade ago, he first considered leasing a space at New Paltz. But, he returned to Manhattan to learn more about the industry. This past summer, he signed a lease and started building out the new space. This pizzeria will use an electric oven from Cuppone, Italy, in addition to the traditional brick oven. This oven is like a Lamborghini in the world of pizza.

In addition to the traditional 12″ round pizzas, you can find delicious, hearty trays made with fresh mozzarella and other toppings. This beloved New Paltz restaurant makes pizza from a unique blend of local ingredients. Many of the ingredients are homemade. They’re also made to order, so you can be sure your pie is fresh and delicious.

While Best Pizza offers a fun atmosphere, the menu is fairly straightforward and geared toward casual dining. The restaurant offers a variety of craft beers and gluten-free dough. Some of its signature pizzas are square Grandma slices and artichoke pizza. You can even order a pizza with an artichoke topping, which is a rare find in New York.

New Paltz is home to many great pizza places. There are two great pizza places in New Paltz. Best Pizza opened its second location in New Paltz in February. Best Pizza has been wowing Williamsburg’s most jaded customers for over a decade. Google gives the company a rating of 4.5 stars. It also has an outpost in Montauk.

Another popular choice is Patsy’s Pizza. Patsy’s pizza is tender and crispy. It is a great choice for vegetarians and vegans, thanks to its veggie-friendly offerings. Accessible catering options are also available at the restaurant. It’s fun to discover a hidden NYC gem, and to recommend it to others.

Lucali, an Italian-American restaurant, is rated the best pizza in New York City. It was also featured on Netflix’s “Ugly Delicious.” Lucali offers large and small pizzas as well as calzones. To make their pizzas, they use both a gas-fired and wood-fired oven. The pizzas are topped with your choice of toppings, which are additional.

In Astoria, Napoli Pizza and Pasta is another good choice. This pizzeria serves traditional pies, as well as more creative pies like the Bolognese and Upside Down pizzas. This location’s pies are always delicious and crispy. You can customize your pizza with fresh herbs or vegetables.

Best Pizza in New Paltz
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