Beth Henry

Beth Henry

Dr. Beth Henry accepts multiple insurance providers. Her office can be found in Kansas City, MO and she specializes in treating conditions like Bacterial Sepsis and Human Immunodeficiency Virus.

She provides marketing strategy and execution across both Cigna’s commercial and government healthcare business segments, and previously led brand management and communications for Hartford Group Benefits division.

Early Life and Education

Beth Henry was raised in Southeast Missouri and attended Immaculate Conception Grade School and Villa Duschene Academy before graduating from Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau and eventually receiving her Texas license to practice law.

As a lawyer, she practiced at Guerrero & Associates with their general law practice, while simultaneously serving as Assistant City Attorney of Houston to enforce restrictive covenants on properties.

She leaves behind her husband, children and pets — two dogs, one cat, and a guinea pig — whom she enjoyed spending time with outdoors, taking peaceful lake vacations together, raising service-dog puppies for The Seeing Eye as well as leaving a legacy of loving kindness for all who knew her and will miss her deeply.

Professional Career

Beth Henry is an experienced marketing executive, having led marketing strategy across various commercial and government healthcare business segments. Her contribution has been key in driving revenue growth while positioning brands successfully with key buyers and stakeholders.

After graduating from HFC, Beth earned both a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in guidance and counseling. Her passion lies with working with students to help them meet their academic and career goals; travel, art, music and animals are also favorites of hers. Beth also loves helping families in need in her local community – currently acting as case manager at NCWorks Career Center in Craven County as well as being appointed an CARES NC Case Manager; providing transportation for disabled adults as well as children.

Achievement and Honors

Beth Henry of Port Royal, Pennsylvania will serve as student marshal at Penn State University Park’s fall commencement exercises this semester. She was chosen for her outstanding academic record and community involvement – in particular for her memberships with Evan Pugh Scholar Society and National Society of Collegiate Scholars as well as having achieved a perfect grade point average!

Henry was recognized for her work with DCPA Theatre Company at Monday night’s Henry Awards with three nominations and one win at their event. Her performances as Molly Brown brought new dimensions to an iconic character most outside Colorado only knew from Fun Home musical.

She serves on the board of Foodshare, a Hartford-based nonprofit dedicated to combatting hunger. At Cigna she oversees brand and marketing operations for their U.S. business in Hartford.

Personal Life

Beth Messe Henry was an extraordinary wife, mother, friend and advocate who loved life with gusto and passion. Her care for those in need led to a career as direct caregiver, facilitator of services provider, counselor and advocate.

Ms. Coale has also spearheaded an initiative to bring Google Fiber’s ultrafast internet service to Portland through partnerships between city governments and non-profit technology groups like Free Geek (which recycles old computers while training people how to use them).

Foodshare, a Greater Hartford hunger relief organization. She also holds membership on the American Anti-Slavery Society board and has traveled with Lucretia Mott and other anti-slavery delegation members worldwide.

Net Worth

According to sources, Henry has an estimated net worth of approximately $65 Million. A significant part of his income comes from professional baseball player salaries as well as endorsement deals.

Today’s well-to-do Bostonians continue the community-minded traditions established by early Brahmins by supporting institutions like MFA and Mass General and supporting initiatives that foster equity and racial justice.

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Beth Henry
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