Big Sister Cup and Baby Doll Set

big sister cup and baby doll set 29580

A BPA-free, insulated big sibling cup is a great gift idea. This mug includes a straw and lid that makes it easy to drink from. It holds eight ounces of liquid, which is the perfect amount for young children. The lid can be secured by screwing on securely to keep liquids in the cup. It’s also dishwasher and microwave safe. A BPA-free cup makes a great gift, whether you’re looking to give a unique gift to a big sister or just make her feel special.

Another great gift for a future older sister is a baby doll, which helps her prepare for her new responsibilities and role as an older sibling. This adorable doll set comes with ten pieces. It includes a diaper bag, a cup, and rattle. The doll is 13 inches tall and has joined shoulders and hips so she’s safe to be used by toddlers. This baby doll can also be used as an educational tool for the new little sister.

Big Sister Cup and Baby Doll Set
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