Billie Eilish: Everything You Didn´t Know About The Pop Icon of Generation Z

Billie Eilish

The American singer created history when she won the four most prestigious Grammys at the age of 18: best new artist, recording of the year, the album of the year, and song of the year. She also received the prize for the best pop vocal album, among other things.

She is an artist who has created her pop trend with music that combines sweetness with the dark and is focused on themes such as mental health, thoroughly capturing the attention of the younger generation with her messages. No doubt why Billie Eilish concert tickets are always sold very quickly. She has become a favorite among young people, and not only but also older generations enjoy her music.

Despite the pandemic that wreaked havoc on the music and entertainment industries, the singer has established herself as one of the best in recent memory.

However, the Los Angeles artist is much more than a collection of trophies and medals. We’ve collected a list of things about Billie Eilish that you may have never heard of, which will help you learn more about the artist and her work.

She has Tourette’s Syndrome

Tourette’s Syndrome is most common in children and teenagers, and the singer has struggled with it and depression since she was a child. Most people, however, improve dramatically around the age of twenty and, of course, can have a completely normal life. Nevertheless, it’s a disorder or, more accurately, a condition marked by the emergence of involuntary tics. The singer is honest about her illness, and in an interview with American host Ellen Degeneres, she admitted that she had had it since her childhood.

Her hair color

Billie Eilish is blonde in images from when she was a child. Thus her new style may be considered a return to her roots. We’ve seen her in various hairstyles, from green, blue, or white dyed hair to brunette with a neon-colored parting.

The languages she can speak

Billie Eilish is a native of Los Angeles, California, and speaks American English fluently. She has, however, dared to try her Spanish on a few occasions, the most renowned being her collaboration with Rosalía on the song Lo vas a olvidar.

Her songs are inspired by her own experiences as well as those of her brother, who is also her producer

In an interview with the New York magazine Paper, Eilish stated that she always creates her songs with her brother Finneas O’Connell, who is also a record producer. During the same interview, she admitted that many of her songs are about her life and others are about her brother’s, but fiction influenced many of them.

Her most significant achievement occurred by chance

Since she was eight years old, Eilish has been taking dance lessons. Her teacher requested her or her brother to choreograph a song in one of her lessons. Her brother then requested that she perform the song Ocean Eyes, which she had composed years previously. They posted the music on SoundCloud, where it quickly gained a large number of views.

Danny Ruckasin, who acquired the brothers’ services and became their music agency, heard about the song’s virality. The rest, as they say, is history: the song has over 200 million views on YouTube. Since then, she has been gaining more and more fans who are always impatiently looking forward to getting their Billie Eilish tour tickets.

She was home-schooled

Billie Eilish was not educated in the traditional sense. Rather than attending and being educated at a traditional school, the artist, like her brother, was educated at home. Eilish has justified this educational method, claiming that it was a strategy employed by their parents to get both of their children to focus on something they were passionate about.

Billie loves to wear oversized clothes

Billie is known for wearing big, baggy clothes. The reason she dresses this way is to avoid people judging her for her body structure.

Justin Bieber is one of her favorite artists

Billie has admitted to being a Justin Bieber admirer since she was 12 years old. She said in an interview with KROQ that he was like her first love, the first person she fell madly in love with and that he was in love with her in her head. At Coachella 2019, she met him for the first time.

Some of her songs became part of the soundtrack of the TV series “13 Reasons Why”

“Bored” appears in the first season, and “Lovely” with the collaboration of Khalid appears in the second season.

How much money does she gain?

Billie Eilish, who was named to the prestigious Forbes 30 under 30 list in 2019, is projected to have a net worth of more than 54 million dollars. Using YouTube as an example, the advantages coming from her video clips are predicted to be $1,400,000 per year. These numbers exactly show that Billie Eilish tickets for concerts are among the most popular ones nowadays.

Billie Eilish: Everything You Didn´t Know About The Pop Icon of Generation Z

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