Biography of Mike Stafford

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Below is a brief biography of Mike Stafford, the renowned Cincinnati trainer. After a serious fight in the ring, Stafford was severely injured and was forced to be raised in Cincinnati by his father. He trained under boxing legend Mezaughn Kemp at the Millvale Golden Gloves Gym and was trained by him. Stafford is still active in the boxing world as a trainer and boxing legend. Mike Jr., Stafford’s son, is now a highly skilled boxer and one of the greatest fighters in history.

Stafford hasn’t fought since May but he is back as the co-headliner at a Cyclone Promotions fight. The card will be televised by Channel 5 and features a fight between Stafford and Luke Watkins, who will compete for the British 200lb title. Watkins, a former champion of the English super-middleweight title, won it last time.

Biography of Mike Stafford
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