Birdman Net Worth

Chris “Birdman” Andersen is an American professional basketball player. His net worth is estimated to be $14 million. He is a prolific rebounder and enforcer. During his playing career, he played with Lebron James on several teams. In total, he has made $38 million. He earned $5.4 million a year with the Miami Heat. His NBA net worth is expected to increase as long as he continues playing.

Andersen was born in Long Beach, California in 1978. He was drafted into the NBA in 2002. He earned $43,250,101. He is the son of Claus Andersen and Linda Holubec. He was born in Iola Texas and earned his nickname “Birdman”. He is married to Tina Wiseman and has two siblings. Wiseman has no children. He has not disclosed any endorsement deals.

As of the 2017 season, Andersen has earned about $4 million. His previous season was spent in the BIG3 league. His net worth is $8 million dollars. This is a good deal for a guy who loves the outdoors. Besides playing basketball, Chris Andersen is also a prolific rapper. He has earned millions through endorsements, acting, and a media company. He is also a rapper who has made his net worth.

Chris Anderson is a great basketball player. He also has a remarkable net worth. His NBA career was a catalyst for the Heat. During the playoffs, he shot a league record 80.7% from three point range. This helped him secure a 2-year deal with Miami Heat in July 2014.

Birdman was his nickname because of his wingspan and dunks. He was also well-known for his association to catfish. He was also linked to a model aspirant in Southern California. She was known as Paris Dylan. She liked to talk with pro basketball players on the internet. Later, she decided to get married. Andersen’s NBA net worth continues to grow. The next decade should be exciting! While you wait for the new season’s start, get ready for Birdman’s NBA debut!

Andersen was reinstated to the NBA and has worked hard to build a solid net worth. He has appeared in magazines and billboards, as well as on television. His net worth is increasing and he has also appeared in many movies. Despite his controversy, Andersen continues to dominate the NBA and make millions of dollars. Andersen has earned a net worth of $17 million and counting.

Birdman Net Worth
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