Birdman’s NBA Net Worth

Chris McLemore, also known as “Birdman”, is worth $10.3 million. The center was a catalyst in the Denver Nuggets’ run for the 2013 NBA Finals. In fact, he shot an incredible 80.7% from three-point range during the Finals. In July of that same year, McLemore signed a multi-year contract with the Miami Heat, where he has played since. He also won a championship in 2013 with the Miami Heat.

The entrepreneur, rapper, and producer is one of the richest people in the NBA. He has made $1 billion over his 18-year professional career. He has also worked in music, acting and endorsement deals. Andersen was born in Denver in 1978. He attended Blinn College for a year and graduated with a psychology degree.

Andersen has made a lot of money as a pro basketball player. His salary as a professional basketball player has been more than $38million. His salary as a player was $5.4 million per season with the Miami Heat, which led to his current net worth. However, Andersen was kicked out of the NBA in 2006 after testing positive for drugs. His net worth continued to rise in the summer 2015

Despite being the hustler for LeBron James in the 2013 NBA Finals, Chris Andersen also has a colorful tattoo collection. His large neck tattoo says “Free Bird”, which is a reference to Lynyrd Skynyrd’s song. Chris Andersen’s networth is increasing as he progresses in his basketball career. Chris Andersen is looking for a new career in the NBA.

Andersen began his basketball career in China with the Jiangsu Nangan Dragons. He was undrafted in the NBA Draft, and spent some time playing in the NBA Development League. After spending time in the NBA Development League Andersen was drafted into the Denver Nuggets. He earned the nickname “Birdman”. After being drafted by the Denver Nuggets in November 2001, he signed a four-year contract worth $14 million with the New Orleans Hornets. He played for the team until he was suspended after failing a drug test.

Chris Andersen is a skilled basketball player who has also earned millions through endorsements, acting and his media company. However, he is also a well-known rapper. His net worth is estimated to be $10 million. It is impossible to estimate Chris Andersen’s net worth without knowing his real name and how much money he makes. However, the NBA Net Worth of Chris Andersen is a good measure of how successful he is as a businessman.

Birdman’s NBA Net Worth
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