Blanket Robe & Best Eye Massager

Blanket Robe & Best Eye Massager

A robe is a must-have for my ideal loungewear ensemble, no matter the weather. The majority of the time, I don’t run very cold or warm, but I like the feeling of being wrapped up. Also, I strongly believe that Blanket Robe should be worn in public like hoodies, long cardigans, and light jackets. My ideal robe would be one that is comfortable enough to wear “lying on the couch” but looks nice enough to wear out. A Snuggie that isn’t ugly, if you will.

Recently, advertisements and an editor friend’s Instagram story have featured the Casper Blanket Robe. Casper, which is known for its bedding and has mattresses and pillows that have been approved by Strategist, introduced what the company calls “Snoozewear” earlier this year. The robe is a part of that effort. The Blanket Robe piqued my interest, despite the fact that I have donned other robes that are adored on social media, including the Parachute Cloud robe. I jumped at the opportunity when the company asked me if I wanted to give it a shot because it reminded me of a puffer coat and a slanket, but with a lot more style.

I was pleased to discover that the blanket robe’s smooth cotton shell and polyfill stuffing gave it a weighty yet breathable feel upon arrival. The shape of the “duvet as poncho” was actually made to appear both practical and surprising chic by the wrap design with a single button closure. It’s really quite nice for what it is—a literal blanket meant to be worn as a robe, similar to the much more expensive Offhours Homecoat; The sculptural A-line shape, long shawl collar, and wide armholes even have DNA in common with subtle designer looks like 7115 by Szeki’s Signature Unisex Sumo Puffer.

In addition to Blanket Robe predecessors like the Snuggie and the Slanket, there is also the faux sherpa-lined Comfy, which I also happen to own (and which is almost too warm to do anything but sit in). Evidently, the concept of a wearable blanket is not novel. But I wouldn’t dare wear the Comfy to Target or go grocery shopping. The Blanket Robe has a drapey fit that stays put on my narrow shoulders and is much more coat-like. It also has large patch pockets that can easily hold heavier items like a phone without looking clunky or out of balance. It feels like a cocoon but isn’t too bulky, and it stays in place even when unbuttoned without any problems.

Even though I’ve had the Casper robe since the end of the spring and live in sunny North Carolina, I haven’t worn it outside of my front lawn in the early morning. However, I intend to incorporate it into my rotation of sweaters and jackets as soon as the weather turns cooler. It is available in three sizes (small, medium, and large) and three neutral colors (indigo, oat milk, and white); Even though every robe in my thriving collection holds a special place in my lounging routine, the Casper Blanket Robe is my new favorite. I am five feet ten inches tall, and my usual medium fits easily over clothes or pajamas and hits just above the knee. It’s the one I grab whenever I need an extra layer of comfort at home, and because it looks so good, I intend to wear it out this fall as well.

The Following Is My Assessment Of The Best Eye Massagers For 2023.

The best eye massagers will make you feel ready to go back to work and give your eyes a new lease on life.

I am well aware of the dry, tired, and best eye massager that come with working all day in front of a computer screen.Your ocular muscles become trained as a result of being firmly held in the same position if you stare at a computer screen for long periods of time each day.Dark circles, crow’s eye, eye fatigue, blurred vision, and headaches can all be brought on by the restricted blood flow in the area caused by stiffness and lack of relaxation.

Pay attention if your eyes could use some tender loving care, as these devices can do a lot more for your eyes’ health than you could by massaging them yourself.Having said that, it will take some time and research to find an eye massager that meets your requirements.Fortunately, I have conducted research and provided a list of alternatives that may alleviate all of these symptoms and more.

Blanket Robe & Best Eye Massager

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