Blue Star Salary – How to Compare It With Other Companies

Blue Star’s total compensation and salary are relatively low in comparison to other companies. The company’s performance directly affects the salary and total compensation. The CEO’s compensation is also based on performance. The CEO salary is calculated by looking at the qualifications of the highest-ranking employees. has more information. Blue Star employees can claim this company profile to obtain accurate information about salaries.

Blue Star pays between INR 65,000 and INR 6.5 Lakhs per annum. However, the hourly wage varies depending on the position. The salary for an ac mechanic can be as low at Rs0.9 lakhs per annum, while it can be as high as Rs2 Lakhs for a graduate engineering trainee. The average salary for freshers is around 12,000 inr. However, it can vary depending on the job and level of experience.

Blue Star’s average annual salary is $311,473 or $41 per hour. Salaries can vary depending upon the location, economic conditions and a variety of other factors. Blue Star is similar to other companies so it is possible to compare Blue Star’s salary with other companies in the industry. The best way to compare Blue Star salary is to compare it with the average salary for the same position in another company.

Blue Star Salary – How to Compare It With Other Companies
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