Blue Tri Bully Puppies

Tricolor Bullies are not an entirely separate breed. They are a variation on the regular Bully. These dogs are great pets for families and have the same temperament. Breeders must combine dominant and recessive genes in order to create the unique colors. Breeders have to focus on this trait for breeding purposes, and therefore, the tricolor Bullies are rare and costly. Listed below are some facts about the tricolor Bully.

The color of a tricolor Bully is determined by its base coat, which may be any of the colors of the American Bully. Based on the amount red pigment in the base coat, the intensity and dilution genes combinations of this base color can vary. The color of the tan points can be faded or redder, and there may be another pattern to the base color. Blue tribullies are available in XL and pocket sizes.

Tricolored American Bullies can have a coat with three colors: a blue base, a chocolate base, and a black tan point. Its coat pattern is unique and distinctive. It is produced from rare genetics in the Bully breed. The tan point gene is recessive, and is necessary to produce the tricolored Bully. Because of this genetic variation, tricolor Bullys are often called blue fawn or blue tan Bully dogs.

Tricolor Pitbulls are rare. Because they are considered a crossbreed, they are considered less desirable than their regular counterparts. Because of their rareness, it is possible to find only one of these three colors, and you’ll need to look long and hard. And if you can’t find one, you may have to settle for a black tri bully or a ghost merle.

You can find several breeders that produce tricolor Pitbulls. ManMade Kennels (and Bossy Kennels) produce the XL Pitbull Milady, and Blue tri Bully Staxx. These breeders also sell XL Pitbull Puppies. There are even tricolor Pitbull puppies available at the Art of War Kennels or Swag Kennels in Louisiana.

There are a variety of benefits to vitamins and minerals. Vitamin E can help strengthen your pet’s immune system. Vitamin A keeps your dog’s skin and coat healthy. Don’t forget to give your dog enough meat! Multivitamins are essential for healthy Bullies, especially those who have certain health conditions. Because of their large size, XL breeds need supplements. This can cause additional stress to their joints.

Blue Tri Bully Puppies
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