Bobby Ducote’s Net Worth


Bobby Ducote is a well-known street racing driver and is known as the fastest small-tire racer in the world. He is one of the cast members of the Discovery Channel’s hit show Street Outlaws: New Orleans. Since its inception, the series has inspired two computer games, including Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings and Street Outlaws 2: Winner Takes All, available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.


His father is a trolley racing enthusiast, and his mother has stayed out of the spotlight.

Early life 

Bobby Ducote was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

In addition to his career as a racer, Bobby also makes a living as a generator specialist. When he isn’t competing, he also works with Kye Kelley.


Bobby is a famous street racer and is best known for his small-tire car combo. Bobby is not related to Jerry Bird, but they have a common interest in driving fast vehicles. Their passion for automobile racing has led them to appear in Street Outlaws. They have been together since the show’s inception. The Discovery channel’s hit show Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings features Bobby and Jerry as the stars. They are also featured in other television shows, including The List, Street Outlaws, and a spinoff series, Street Outlaws: New Orleans.

Net worth 

As one of the most sought-after drivers in the street racing circuit, Ducote has built a huge net worth. Due to his success in the small tire category, he is expected to see a significant increase in his earnings. Although his exact net worth is not yet calculated, he is believed to be a millionaire.

Social media 

Aside from his role on Street Outlaws, he is a regular blogger and YouTube content creator. Bobby is a dynamic Instagram user. On his account, you can find videos and pictures of his friends, the race cars he races, and his appearances on TV. Currently, his page has 126k likes. You can also get a glimpse of his latest ride, a blue Mustang that runs on a tiny tire combination.


Bobby and Magan have been a couple since June 2015, the pair have been together in reality television shows, but have been dating for at least two years.

Bobby and Magan Boleware have a daughter named Briella. While neither Bobby nor Magan has released any information about their marriage. Unlike most celebrities, Bobby and Magan have not revealed any details about their relationship. However, they have shared pictures of their daughter and other family members on their social media accounts.

It is a common belief that they are engaged. Bobby and Magan are in Lumberton, Mississippi.


He is also known as Lil Legend. At a time when many racers were hesitant to drive on tiny tires, Ducote was making his mark. With his new vehicle, he won a race against BoostedGT’s 2003 SVT Cobra Mustang. It was powered by a small-block Ford engine and featured a Precision turbocharger.


In conclusion, Bobby Ducote has made a name for himself as a street racing driver

His creativity and unique style have enabled him to reach millions of fans around the world. Throughout his career, he has been able to share his personal stories and authentically struggles with the world. His success story demonstrates that hard work, dedication, and creativity can create great rewards for those who pursue their dreams. 

Bobby Ducote’s Net Worth

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