Boerboel Vs Cane Corso

There are many differences between the Boerboel Cane Corso. For example, a Cane Corso’s bite force is around 700 pounds per square inch while a Boerboel’s is around 400 pounds. In comparison, an average dog’s bite force is about 150 to 180 pounds. Regardless, neither breed is impossible to train and it is important that you know how to train your Boerboel.

Boerboels come from South Africa and are phonetically pronounced as “boo-R-bull.” The first Boerboel was described in 1909 and has been used since then for hunting and guarding estates. While this breed is relatively rare outside of South Africa, the Cane Corso can be traced back to ancient Rome. A Boerboel’s lineage includes the Bulldog and the Mastiff, as well as undocumented dogs such as the English Bull Terrier and the Canis Panther.

Boerboels are similar in appearance to Cane Corsos, but are much larger. They are between 22 and 27 inches tall and weigh between 150 to 200 pounds. They are also much more powerful than any other mastiff. Both dogs make excellent guard dogs and are equally loyal to their families. The Boerboel has a more rounded face than the Cane Corso and is more athletic.

Both breeds are incredibly loyal to their family, and are suitable for households with children. While both breeds can be a great pet, Boerboels tend to be more docile. Cane Corsos, on the other hand, are less friendly with children than Boerboels. They can be very friendly with children, but they should always have an adult watching them.

The Boerboel is the most affectionate of all breeds. However, its coat is thicker than that of its Cane Corso cousin. They are medium-sized with almond-shaped, dark brown eyes. Boerboels have a protective instinct that makes them great for companionship. Cane Corsos have curly, neat skin. The Boerboel doesn’t have an undercoat and its coat is neat and clean.

Boerboels are generally good with children and are generally okay with the elderly. Both breeds require a lot of exercise. Both breeds need to be given at most an hour of cardio exercise each day. During this time, you should take your dog on a short walk after every meal. Exercise is also important for a Cane Corso’s mind. Puzzle toys and other puzzles will exercise the brain and keep your dog busy.

Boerboels are not as active as their Cane Corso cousin. They need to do cardio exercises for an hour and take short walks throughout the day. Otherwise, they can become bored and unmotivated. Moreover, they need a lot of mental stimulation as well. Puzzle toys and thinking games are a good way to keep them occupied. While it is possible to train your Cane Corso to think, they won’t understand you.

Cane Corsos have protective instincts and need an authoritative leader. They may be unruly and aggressive if their owner is weak-willed. However, in the right hands, they are highly trainable. While both breeds are highly affectionate, they can be overprotective if not properly socialized. Cane Corsos make great companions for families but you need to socialize them early on.

Boerboel Vs Cane Corso
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