Bonfire New Londo Ruins Guide

There are many paths through the Bonfire New Ludo Ruins. You can start your journey near the first elevator lift. From there, you can go around the corner and find the Four Kings path. You will also find the Fire Keeper Soul and two Transient Curses in this area.

Before attempting this quest, you must equip the Transient Curse. This item provides temporary protection against ghosts. It lasts for a set amount of time once you equip it, so make sure you equip it right before proceeding. In the ruins, you can also find a corpse with a large pot on it. This corpse will drop a Transient Curse. This item can be assigned an item slot. Before you cross the second bridge, you will need to equip it.

Once you have defeated the death knight, the next part of your quest can be completed: the New Londo Ruins. This area is home to cursed souls. It is difficult to enter this area. Be careful and don’t let ghosts sneak up on your. Make sure you check out the first hallway. Be careful as undead slime monsters can easily impale you if you’re not careful. If you aren’t careful, you could be struck by a slime creature with your long weapon. You can use poison arrows to deal with these enemies.

The Undead Parish and the New Londo Ruins are the three places where you can find the ember. You can obtain one of these after killing the fire keeper and Quelaag’s Sister in Anor Londo. On the way, you’ll come across two more knights. The second bonfire can be found after you’ve reached the end of the route.

The fire link shrine is a key to the next quest in the New Londo Ruins. If you have this, you can enter the tower by the floodgates. It’s a challenging area full of ghosts, so be careful. You’ll need to use your stealth and avoid sneak attacks.

The second bonfire in the Anor Londo is located up the stairs from the first bonfire. You can also use the elevator to reach the floor below. The bonfirekeeper guards this bonfire. Once you have gotten past the monsters, the boss of New Londo Ruin will be found.

If you’re not sure which way to go, you can use Wrong Warp. This glitch allows you to warp from one location to another. While there’s no way to determine the default location, it allows you to find the location of your last bonfire. You must quit the game to use the first glitch, but you can always return later.

Bonfire New Londo Ruins Guide
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