Boomerang Jets Usa

Boomerang Jets U S A is located in Dallas, Texas. The company mainly operates in the Aerospace Product and Parts Manufacturing industry. The company employs 1 people at a single location and generates $99,140 in annual revenue. The company specializes in manufacturing and importing airplanes. The company doesn’t disclose exact sales figures. As of February 2019, there are no sales figures available for Boomerang Jets U S A.

The Boomerang Sprint V2 is a low speed aerobatic aircraft with twin boom tail section and massive main wing. It is highly capable of performing aerobatics, including rolling circles, stall turns, and endless verticals. Electronic retracts make it easier to land and brake. The Boomerang Sprint V2 is an excellent choice for pilots looking to improve their aerobatic skills.

Initially, the Boomerang was manufactured under a series of production contracts. Later, the type was modified and operated under the CA-12, CA-13, CA-14, and CA-19 designations. While the Boomerang was an effective fighter, its main flaw was that it had low power at altitude and was slower than other modern fighters. The aircraft was rarely used in aerial combat, and the Australian Air Force mainly used other fighters during overseas operations.

Boomerang Jets Usa
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