Borbal – A Big, Friendly, and Well-Mentered Dog

The term ‘borbal’ is a colloquial term for two consecutive days spent hanging out with friends. It is akin to a call of duty kill streak but without the guns, explosions, xbox, and tv. Although this breed is rare in North America, it is suitable for both families and individuals who are looking for a big, friendly, and well-mannered dog. This dog is easy to train and requires little grooming, but early and consistent training are essential to make sure he has a well-mannered personality. Borbals require vigorous playtime and can be challenged with puzzle toys.

The Boerboel was developed by interbreeding the indigenous dogs of South Africa with powerful breeds brought by Dutch settlers. They were originally used for big-game hunting but evolved into a unique breed with exceptional agility and a robust build. In the 1800s, boerboels nearly became extinct but a breeding program was started by fans to create a purebred standard. Over time, they became popular in urban areas and modestly popular around the world.

While Boerboels are gentle with children when raised properly, they should live with older children and be placed in a separate room if visitors are around. Boerboels are territorial by nature and may mistake the presence of other pets as a threat. If your home contains other pets, it is best to keep your Boerboel in a room with a secure door. They may not be good with cats and aren’t good with other pets.

Boerboels require a self-assured owner with plenty of time to train and socialize. This breed is best suited for an owner with a lot of experience in dog sports and agility training. Boerboels are loyal to their families and are protective of their families. While their hunting instincts have caused many dogs to be extinct, Boerboels have become popular as family pets and are widely popular.

Borbal – A Big, Friendly, and Well-Mentered Dog
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