Borzoi Funny Stories

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Borzoi stories that are hilarious involve children and their reactions to them. One girl believed Esper was a unicorn. Other kids thought that Borzoi were long-haired greyhounds. No matter what, children love Borzoi. Read on for more borzoi funny stories. Here are just a few:

The Borzoi are an aristocratic breed with a very distinct appearance. They are calm, kind, and happy when they entertain. They love to hunt, and will chase small animals as they flee. They also don’t seem to notice cars, and they are often oblivious to them. Despite their small size, borzoi are playful and can have a great sense humor.

The Borzoi, originally a Russian wolfhound, arrived in America as a status symbol. Their unique history is reflected in their name today. Their history and popularity in the United States are largely due to their status as a companion to the aristocracy. But while they’re a charming breed, you’ll likely need to train them a bit before they become a lovable pet.

Borzoi Funny Stories
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