Borzoi Pronunciation

Learn how to pronounce borzoi using an audio dictionary. This word occurs in English on an average of 0.1 times per million words. If you’re a student working on a C2+ level language, the borzoi prayer is on your study list. Its pronunciation is similar to that of the greyhound, with a little longer and silkier hair. Borzoi is a breed of dog that originated in the Ukraine.

While borzoi dogs are socially savvy, they are not the best watchdogs. Though they’re not known for being obedient, they do appreciate a long walk in the yard. And they do well with apartment living, though you should not leave them unattended if you want them to stay calm. If you’re worried about your new pet’s behavior, a Borzoi training class may be a great idea.

While Borzoi dogs may not be the most agile of dogs, they’re elegant and have a well-muscled build. They have long silky coats that are either solid or multicolored. Their long, narrow heads and elegant bodies make them a desirable pet. In addition to being elegant, these dogs are highly athletic. They’re also highly athletic, with a build similar to that of the greyhound varieties.

Borzoi Pronunciation
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