Boss Olive

What Is Boss Olive?

Olive was dedicated to fighting racism, sexual discrimination, and class oppression. She was an activist and organizer working towards changing society through Marxism Leninism.

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Achievement and Honors

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Olive has also received the following awards:

He received the Moses E. King Contributions to the Community Award presented by Mount Olive Area Chamber of Commerce and Jaycees. This honor recognizes public servants in Wayne and Duplin counties; other recipients were Sgt. Wes Aldridge of Mount Olive Police Department and Lisa Hooks, director of Mount Olive Family Medicine Center; additionally they all received Ruff Huggins Lifetime Community Service Awards.

Personal Life

Olive is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and lives with her son Otto. She loves spending time with her grandchildren, cheering on the Burly Bears and taking trips to the cookie room – among other activities!

she can often come off as overdramatic when around Todd, yet always strives to do her best and never gives up. Otto finds her support invaluable and loves when she encourages him when he’s feeling down; however she seems to alternately trust and doubt him at times. Additionally she is an adept rock paper scissors player; sometimes liking Soundcheck but more often disliking them than liking them!

Net Worth

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Boss Olive
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