Boston English Football

There are several reasons to follow the Boston English football team. First, this team is in the Boston City League. The Boston English won five championships under Parker and two Super Bowls. The 1997 Super Bowl was a memorable game. Conroy Whyte’s 53-yard return was the English’s winning score. This win was the culmination of the first 12-win season of the Boston English. The team isn’t just about winning championships.

After the first half, English took control of the game after Latin Academy’s interception. Kerr’s 2-yard run was the key to the Dragons’ offense scoring on a key turnover. The English defense also forced a touchdown pass from Latin Academy in the fourth quarter, which set up the winning touchdown. The Dragons couldn’t convert on a fourth down play. The Dragons were forced to settle for three third downs consecutively.

Since 1887, when Latin boys began to enroll in English classes, the English and Latin teams have been rivals. They played each other at Harvard Stadium on Thanksgiving Day, and it was once America’s longest-running high school football rivalry. They played each other every year for over 100 years, through two world Wars and the Cold War. In 1918, Latin defeated the English 28-0 at Fenway Park. The Boston Globe reported the victory on the front page. The rivalry has continued ever since.

Boston English Football
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