Boston Net Worth – Alan Lewis

Alan Lewis will probably give you a blank stare when asked about his net worth. His charitable activities include the Farm at Eastman’s Corner, the Lewis Family Foundation, Alnoba Ranch and the Lewis Family Foundation. His family foundations have supported more than 100 strategic partners in over 70 countries. His charitable work is especially focused on leadership development, as the Pinnacle Leadership and Team Development program has trained hundreds of leaders in more than 60 countries.

Although the Lewis brothers have a long history of Boston philanthropy there is still some doubt about their relationship. Hank and Alan Lewis were once close and co-owned Paul Gauguin and a vacation house. While they talked about combining their businesses, there was a court motion filed by Hank Lewis that blocked Alan’s attorneys from questioning Franklin Goldman. Goldman was arrested on racketeering charges in December 2009, and has ties to the La Cosa Nostra.

After retirement, Alan and Cecily raised four children, two daughters and a son, including an adorable grandson. Their combined net worth is in the six-figure range. The couple still finds time to spend with their family, despite their financial success. Their four children, Edward, Charlotte, and James, are all a part of their family. Alan and Cecily have four grandkids. Their love and commitment for their children and grandchildren have helped them build a substantial net worth.

In August 2012, Alan Lewis sold 40,000 units of Biomarin Pharmaceutical stock for $1,502,800. Since 2005, Lewis has traded 4,663 units of Biomarin stock every 126 days. His total net worth is estimated at approximately $9 million in 2022. His earnings are subject to fluctuation, but his income is steady and steadily increasing. You can find out more about Alan Lewis’ net worth by visiting his biography or website.

Alan Lewis’s mother and maternal ancestors helped settle Alnoba in Kensington, New Hampshire. The 600-acre property includes ten miles of trails and unique gathering spots. Besides his charitable activities, Lewis is also involved with several companies, including the KIC. Currently, he serves as the chairman of the Grand Circle Corporation, a leader in international travel and adventure for people over fifty. The company has over $60 million in gross sales, 35 offices worldwide, and 3,000 employees.

Lewis hired Cole to be president of KIC, which is a management company that manages the family’s assets. Cole’s duties as president of KIC included developing the Combat Zone project, a major development in downtown Boston that was located on a block bounded by Washington, Boylston, and LaGrange Streets. Additionally, Cole was expected to oversee the redevelopment of other Lewis properties.

Boston Net Worth – Alan Lewis
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