Boven’s English Bulldogs

There are some things you should consider before buying an English Bulldog puppy. While the breed is generally very loving, there are a few potential drawbacks as well. These dogs have short noses which can make it difficult to breathe in hot and humid conditions. Despite this drawback, English Bulldogs can be surprisingly easy-to-train.

The head of the English Bulldog is enormous, equaling the height at the shoulders, giving it an impressively powerful jaw. Their hindquarters are smaller than their front ends, making them less suitable for swimming. They are approximately forty-sixty-five to sixty pounds in weight and do not have a gender difference. They need to be trained to be good guests and loyal to their owners, so a little bit of training is in order to make sure your dog doesn’t misbehave.

If you are looking for a breeder in Missouri, Boven’s English Bulldogs might be an excellent choice. This family-owned breeder offers lifetime advice and support. You’ll find female English Bulldogs with the healthiest coats and a full set of vaccinations. Moreover, the breeders also have an excellent reputation for delivering healthy puppies and are OFA certified. They have been in business for more than a decade and have many returning customers.

English Bulldogs should be bathed at least once a week or every two weeks. Make sure to pay special attention to any wrinkles in their skin, as they can be easily infected with bacteria. Pet parents should clean the area around their eyes after bathing. Pet-safe wipes can be used to clean the eyes, but you should dry the area completely afterwards. Regularly clean their ears, as they can harbor germs and diseases.

A good English Bulldog breeder can help you find the perfect puppy. The breed has several positive traits and is an excellent companion. They can be frisky puppies or mellow adult dogs that snooze on sofas. They need to be exercised and they thrive on cool, long walks. They can also be used in redding operations. If you are considering a Bulldog for your pet, make sure to find a breeder that specializes in English Bulldogs.

While English Bulldogs don’t require a yard, they do need a moderate amount of exercise. They do best in temperate climates, and can overheat if forced to live in cold temperatures. English Bulldogs are very friendly and loving to children. They are not the best choice for every household as they can be aggressive with other dogs. A good English Bulldog will not attack a new dog, but they can be a good companion for families.

Boven’s English Bulldogs
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