Bradley Martyn Biography, Lifestyle, and Net Worth


If you’re a fan of the actor Bradley Martyn, you’ll want to know about his biography, lifestyle, and net worth. As a bodybuilder and fitness trainer, he’s an impressive figure. But before we get to those details, let’s look at his personal life first. 


Bradley Martyn is one of the biggest social media influencers and fitness sensations in the world. Hailing from California, Bradley has taken the internet by storm with his infectious energy and workout videos. His parents have been an integral part of his success story and here’s what you need to know about them!

Bradley’s father is a veteran police officer who served as a mentor to him. He also played a huge role in helping Bradley find his true calling in life – bodybuilding. His mother was also influential in this pursuit, encouraging Bradly to follow his passion for fitness and health. She even built him a makeshift gym in their backyard to help him reach his goals! Together they provided the support he needed to pursue his dreams without giving up on himself or discouragement by others.

Early life  

Martyn was born on May 22, 1989, in San Francisco, California, USA. He is an American citizen, and he is of white ethnicity. His life has been filled with challenges, and he’s used his experience to help his fans cope with similar situations. Martyn has kept his personal life private.

In the early days of his life, he experienced a tough upbringing. His father committed suicide when he was six years old, so he grew up without a father figure. Despite this difficult start, his life experiences have given him a strong sense of independence and self-reliance.

In his biography, fitness trainer Bradley Martyn mentions a lack of education, but he did have an interest in working out at the age of 15, originally just to help his football skills. But as he continued to train, he discovered that he also liked weightlifting and discovered the benefits of proper nutrition. 


As an advocate of lifelong learning and education, he has dedicated himself to furthering his knowledge to better equip himself with the tools necessary to provide meaningful advice and support to those looking to improve their health. 

Martyn’s educational background includes certifications in personal training and nutrition as well as extensive knowledge of fitness-related topics such as exercise programming, biomechanics and sports science. He also holds a degree from Pepperdine University, majoring in business management with a focus on entrepreneurship. In addition to these qualifications, Bradley has completed graduate-level coursework at both Harvard University and Oxford University where he studied leadership development and strategic planning among other topics.


Fitness trainer Bradley Martyn is a YouTube personality and an internet businessman. 

He is famous for his workout videos that focus on beginner routines and motivational videos. In addition to these workout videos, Martyn has launched his fresh food delivery service, called Lean Meals Inc. The company offers healthy meals for people with special dietary needs or for those who simply want a healthy diet. Furthermore, he has a popular YouTube channel, where he shares many workout and nutrition tips.

He has also endorsed several products and magazines. His fitness program, BMFit, offers a customized fitness program and functional advice for a healthy lifestyle.

He has been in the fitness business for over 10 years and has helped millions of people achieve their fitness goals.

He works with clients all over the world and has more than 10 million fans.

He is more concerned about his career than his personal life. He launched his YouTube channel in August 2014, and his channel has accumulated over 850 videos. Martyn has become one of the most popular fitness gurus on the internet. His videos have millions of subscribers. He has worked hard to build his online brand. Besides his fitness videos, he also has a lifestyle clothing line and a gym. He has also appeared in several TV shows and movies.

Net worth 

As of October 2022, his net worth was estimated to be around $2 million. He earns over $300,000 a year from his fitness business and has earned millions through various business ventures. Martyn is also the owner of several fitness franchises. 

The fitness industry is a very lucrative business and Bradley Martyn enjoys a high standard of living.

He has a fitness studio, which he runs under the name AlphaCre8iveDesigns, and also owns the health supplement line Origin Supplements. His other businesses include a gym and a lifestyle clothing line. Besides his fitness studio, Bradley Martyn also owns several luxury vehicles. His favourite model is the 2018 Ford Raptor. 

His net worth continues to increase every year. His house in the United States has a large yard with a swimming pool, outdoor fireplace, and gaming room. He also owns a fleet of luxury cars, including a Chevrolet Camaro Zl1.


Bradley Martyn is a well-known fitness influencer and entrepreneur who has used his platform to make an everlasting impact on charity work. His impressive philanthropic efforts are widely appreciated by the entire fitness community as well as those within the charitable sector. 

His charity, BStrong, aims to provide access to health and fitness resources in underserved communities, while also raising funds for research into rare diseases such as cancer. Working with renowned organizations such as Make A Wish Foundation and the American Cancer Society, he has been able to support numerous individuals affected by these rare diseases. 

In addition to this great cause, Bradley’s hard work and dedication are evident in his mission of helping others gain access to necessary healthcare services regardless of their socioeconomic status or location. His commitment towards this cause is truly remarkable and speaks volumes about his character.

Social media 

He has a large following on YouTube and has a self-titled YouTube channel where he posts workout videos. The videos have garnered more than 2.82 million views. In addition, he has a separate channel called ‘Bradley Martyn’s Culture Cast’ where he posts a video podcast every Thursday. The channel is home to over 2.2 million subscribers.


Bradley Martyn is a prominent figure in the fitness industry. He’s been a popular YouTuber and Instagram influencer for years, known for his unique brand of humour and intense workout routines. But despite his online fame, there was one thing about Bradley that many of his fans didn’t know–he was happily married!

Bradley and his wife, Barbara, tied the knot in 2019 after being together for several years. The couple had an intimate ceremony attended by close friends and family at an undisclosed location in California. On their wedding day, Bradley looked dapper as ever in a classic black tuxedo while Barbara wore a stunning white gown with delicate lace detailing. Their union marked the start of a new chapter in both of their lives. 

Since then, Bradley and Barbara have been enjoying married life to the fullest!


Bradley Martyn is an iconic figure in the world of fitness. He is a social media influencer, celebrity trainer, philanthropist and business mogul who has consistently pushed the boundaries of self-improvement throughout his career. His achievements have been recognized and acknowledged by renowned organizations both within and outside of the fitness industry. 

In 2015 he won the prestigious Men’s Health Next Top Trainer award for being one of the most influential personal trainers in America and has since gone on to receive numerous awards including being honoured as one of Muscle & Fitness magazine’s “Future Legends” in 2017, as well as receiving recognition from Forbes Magazine in 2018 for his entrepreneurial success. He was also named one of Men’s Health Magazine’s “Top 10 Instagram Stars” in 2020 and was nominated for Shorty Awards’ “Best Social Media Influencer”.


In conclusion, Bradley Martyn is an inspirational individual who has shown us all the power of hard work and dedication. His success story encourages us to follow our passions and never give up on our dreams. He is a prime example of what can be achieved when you put your heart and soul into something. Through his career, he has inspired others to take control of their lives, strive for greatness, and become successful in whatever they set out to do.

Bradley Martyn Biography, Lifestyle, and Net Worth

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