Brain Test Level 33 – Help the Car Cross the Bridge

In Brain Test level 33, you’re asked to help the car cross the bridge by tapping and holding on the bridge. You can click on the car to hold it over the bridge. You’ll receive a small reward and a higher score. You can also practice your puzzle solving skills by looking at our walkthroughs for other levels.

To help the car cross the bridge, you will need to solve a puzzle. To do this, place your finger in the broken section of the bridge and then touch it with your finger. To help the vehicle cross the bridge, click on it. If the bridge is already damaged, you will need to wait another 30 seconds before it can be repaired.

You can also cross the bridge using a finger. If the bridge is already damaged you can place your finger in the affected area and hold it above the car. Your car will likely fall through the bridge if you fail to do so. If the bridge isn’t repaired, you will have to fix it. You can use a small finger or an ice pick to help the car cross the road. To repair it, you can use your finger.

You can solve the puzzle by placing your finger in the damaged part of the bridge. Then, place the car in the resulting space. You’ll soon discover that the bridge isn’t as broken as you thought. You can even use your imagination to find a way to cross the bridge, which can save your car. You’ll receive a small bonus once you have solved the puzzle.

To solve the puzzles in the game, you can use a finger. Place the finger in the area where the bridge is damaged. Move the car to the location of the finger. Once you have done this, you should be able to cross the bridge safely. This can be done as long as your finger is open. Once the bridge is repaired, you’ll need to fix the other two puzzles in the level.

Another option is to place a finger on the area where the bridge has been damaged. The finger should be placed over your car. Using your finger, you can help the car cross the bridge. Now, the car should be on its opposite side of the road. It is time to cross the bridge. Fortunately, there is no need to panic and the puzzles in Brain Test level 33 are quite simple. Just follow the instructions to cross the bridge.

It is easy to play the game. All you need is your imagination and brain power. It should be challenging but not too difficult. If you can solve the puzzle, you will win the game. You only need a little bit of brainpower to win the game. The more creative you are, the better chances you’ll be at crossing the bridge. It’s a good time to try to solve the puzzle. You can either continue playing the game until you have completed the puzzles or you can return to the beginning and practice more.

Once you’re done, you can place your finger on the damaged area of a bridge and let the car cross it. When the car has reached the end of the bridge, it’s time to help the driver. After this, you can try to drive the other way to reach the other side of the bridge. It is a good strategy to avoid boredom and to increase your IQ. If you’re bored, you can use this strategy to solve the puzzle.

Brain Test Level 33 – Help the Car Cross the Bridge
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