Browns Vs Colts 2011 Predictions

There are many options for browns vs. colts 2011 games. This matchup is likely to be one of the most exciting games of the year. The Colts opened their season in Reliant Stadium without Peyton Manning. The Colts recently acquired Kerry Collins to take over the starting quarterback role. The Colts’ first offensive drive was a failure. Melvin Bullitt intercepted them. They struggled through the game until their defense finally took over.

The Browns and Colts have a history of close games. Eight of the last nine meetings between these two teams have been decided by seven points or less. Only the Colts’ win last season was more than eight points away from the Browns. Pay attention to the game. You will be glad you did! But don’t be afraid to make your pick if it’s close.

The Colts began the 2011 season with five consecutive losses. A win at the start of the year would be a huge help. The Colts’ passing attack was helped by the windy conditions at the old Municipal Stadium in Cleveland, which was played in December. The Bengals managed to tie the game after only six plays. Only one touchdown was scored by the Colts.

The Colts were outplayed in the second half. Blaine Gabbert’s touchdown pass to Jarett Daillard of 11 yards was the highlight for the Colts. Maurice Jones Drew ran for a touchdown of two yards to make it 17-3. The Colts were knocked out of the playoff race, but the game ended in a thriller.

With Andrew Luck out of the picture, the Colts should build their game plan around veteran RB Frank Gore. The veteran RB has 13,153 career rushing yards. The only thing that separates him from Eric Dickerson is a few fewer career TDs than Smith, so the Colts should look for ways to exploit Gore’s injury and regain momentum. After last week’s loss, the Colts must get back on track. Hopefully, the Colts can rebound and give Jim Caldwell a win to update his resume and get back to winning.

In this matchup, the Browns aren’t much better than the Colts in recent years. They are better on offense but don’t have the same defense as last year. Jim Caldwell could be the “dead man walking” in Indianapolis. Middle linebacker Gary Brackett will be out, but Pat Angerer is expected to take over the role of MIKE. If he starts, Philip Wheeler will probably start as the SAM backer.

The Browns are down 10-10 at halftime. In the tenth minute, Adam Vinatieri kicks an 85-yard field goal. Reggie Wayne is able to catch a Dan Orlovsky pass of 18 yards later in the third quarter. The Colts then score a touchdown on a 2-yard run by Dallas Clark. The Colts hold the lead with the game as the Colts go on to take the win.

Browns Vs Colts 2011 Predictions
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