Brushing My Teeth in Spanish

Spanish for “brushing my teeth”, it means “to clean your teeth”. It literally means “to clean.” In Spanish, it means “to clean”. In English, you’d use the word “lavar” for brush. In Spanish, however, you’d use “lavaros.”

The primary tooth, also known as the bottom of your mouth, is the key word. The rest of the oral cavity, or muela del juicio, is the second most important tooth. In Spanish, this word refers to the tooth at the base of the tongue. Other Spanish terms that refer to dental care are “soap,” mouthwash, and toothbrush.

Another phrase to remember is “laver” your teeth, which means to wash them. The Spanish word for toothbrush is cepillo, which means “toothbrush.” The Spanish verb for brushing teeth is “lavarse.”

Brushing My Teeth in Spanish
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