BTS Reaction to You Being Tight

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“How do you feel about me being tight?” he whispered. His fingers tugged on her earlobe, and he pulled her deeper into him, but she didn’t tear her eyes away. Taehyung gasped softly and traced her wetness with his fingertips. He then took off his fingers and replaced them with a leaking cock. You know that he has a secret, and it’s making him even more angry.

Jungkook hasn’t been able to get his hands off you, and has been concentrating on you for weeks. He has been teasing you for weeks, and you’ve seen the result. He has acted jealous and abusive towards you in private, but he doesn’t mind being tight with you. Jimin slapped his skin and pumped his member hard. He also buried his head and his hands into his crotch, making you a suffocated victim.

Yoongi was a jealous maniac, and he had a hard time keeping his eyes off you. He clenched around you and lost himself in the heat of your body. Jimin, on the other hand, was a clingy boyfriend, and his hands were always on his thighs. He was a perfect match for Jimin, and it made him feel even closer.

Jungkook zipped his pants back up and twisted her body in the mirror. He rubbed her ass in delight, and she was unable to hold it. The other members didn’t mind, and they both gave her a whimper that rang in her head. She was suckowed by Jin and had been unable to keep her hands off her.

The clingy boyfriend’s hands weren’t able to keep their eyes off you, but he hadn’t been able to resist his lustful gaze. He’d been clenching his hands and burying his head into your neck, and Jimin had his hands on your head. He had been unable to keep his hands off you. He had to be close to you.

When the man zipped up his pants, he threw his head back against the soft pillows. He leaned closer to her, and slapped her in his chest. He put his hands on her hips in a clingy way, and she licked his lips in pleasure. As the two embraced, the man’s hands circled onto her hard, long torso. She kissed him, and sucked his ass.

‘I’ve been slammed too many times!’ He was constantly trying to get your attention. You were not even aware that he was doing this. He was simply trying to make you feel better! And he was catching the heat, and that wasn’t a bad thing! You could have hoped for a clingy boyfriend! But no! Just remember that a lustful boyfriend will never be hard to please!

The guy zipped his pants up. He turned her upside down and smacked her ass hard. She leaned up to you, and you had to squeeze his hand into his. He clenched his eyes as you wrapped your hands around him. She was trying to be the perfect man. And he was a sexy man. Whether she was a girl or a guy, he was a sexy guy.

It wasn’t easy to keep Jungkook’s attention off you for long. He’d always have his eye on you. But then he sucked his cock and turned to anything but you. It’s safe to say that Jungkook had his own reasons for avoiding you. He doesn’t want to be touched in public, and he’s never been that way in the first place.

BTS Reaction to You Being Tight
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