Buffalo Bills 2012 Draft

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After a shaky offseason, the Buffalo Bills have made some interesting picks in the 2012 NFL Draft. While some of the players may be too young to contribute to the team right away, the Bills still have a lot to be excited about. This year’s draft could make the team even stronger in 2012, with the addition of speed and strength to their defensive front.

While the Bills are not terribly happy with the first two picks, they have a few solid picks in their 2012 draft. While T.J. Graham was a bit puzzling, Zebrie Sanders has a lot of potential and would have been a second-day selection in 2011.

The Bills selected Cordy Glenn, a left tackle who had been a starter for six years, in the third round, despite the fact that they did not have a solid winger. While Glenn was considered an early first-round pick, the Bills traded him to the Cincinnati Bengals in exchange for two first-round picks. The Bills chose the 12th overall pick and the 21st overall pick in exchange for Cordy Glenn. It’s difficult to argue with the Bills picking him, as he has been playing at that position since he was a sophomore in college.

Tank Carder is a strong player who can play safety, cornerback, and even running. He needs to work on his defensive game and prove he can play special teams. As a teenager, he was a BMX rider and was involved in a traffic accident. Meanwhile, Mark Asper is a big offensive lineman who can play tackle, guard, and center. With his versatility and athleticism, Tank Carder could become a very important part of the Bills’ defense.

While the Bills’ offense was a disaster for the first half of the season, the team’s offensive line looked explosive and was bolstered by an experienced cast. Vince Young, Mario Williams, Stephon Gilmore, and Ron Brooks were all key components of the Bills’ offensive line. As a result, they averaged 30.1 points per game through their first eight games, and included a 34-point game against the Patriots in late September.

The Buffalo Bills’ secondary needs some work. They were 25th in the NFL for pass defense last year, but managed to stay within the top five with a 7.7 YPA. This could be remedied by adding a pass rush to help the Bills with their passing game. Also, first-round cornerback Stephon Gilmore has a ton of upside. He will start alongside Terrence McGee who is still recovering from a torn patella tendon. Aaron Williams, a second-rounder, is another option.

The Bills were also a bit surprised to acquire a former free-agent receiver. Jonas Jennings was not a roster-worthy receiver before last year. However, Belichick’s coaching can help him reach his full potential. While his contract wasn’t as lucrative as Belichick had hoped, he was still a huge upgrade from the Bills’ defensive line last year. So while this draft wasn’t ideal for the Bills, it was still a great draft for the Bills.

Buffalo Bills 2012 Draft
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