Bug Off Garlic Chewables Review

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To keep your dog safe from fleas and ticks, try using a natural insect deterrent such as Bug Off Garlic Chewables. These convenient chewable tablets protect your dog from pests for up to twenty-two hours. And the best part is, your dog will love the taste! To learn more about how Bug Off Garlic works, read our full review of the product. It works great, and our dogs love it too!

The formula is composed of natural ingredients such as brewer’s yeast and garlic. The brewer’s yeast and garlic in these chewables repel outdoor insects while smelling fine to humans. Garlic is a rich source of dietary sulfur, including MSM, which is a natural antibiotic that can support the health of skin and coat. In addition to repelling insects, Bug Off Garlic has a range of benefits, including supporting the health of your dog’s skin.

Although garlic is not known to cause anemia in humans, the Japanese study shows that a small amount of it can harm your dog. Researchers looked at red blood cells in the subject dogs’ blood under a microscope, and found that the red blood cells had suffered oxidative damage. The study concluded that continued feeding of garlic chewables to dogs would eventually cause anemia. While these results are encouraging, it’s important to note that the toxicity of garlic is hard to measure in humans, and that Bug Off Garlic is not a substitute for natural treatment.

It is important to note that not all dogs enjoy fresh garlic. They may not even enjoy garlic when you give it to them in their food. Depending on the breed of dog you have, you may need to experiment with different amounts until you find what your dog likes. A good rule of thumb is to start small and increase the amount over a week or longer period of time until it becomes accustomed to garlic. It can take up to a month for your dog to be fully healthy and well-behaved.

Bug Off Garlic Chewables Review
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