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The main characters are Balto the wolf dog, Steele the fox, and the female husky, Jenna. Despite their differences, the two animals are compatible and make a great pair. They bond and fall in love, and the gang has a lot of fun along the way. There is even a Balto poster that features a lion and a panther. Whether you’re looking for a movie poster or a real-life Balto statue, there are plenty of choices to make.

A Balto poster is the perfect way to introduce your child to this beloved film. Balto’s first appearance is in the midst of an adventure. The young wolfdog is shunned by other dogs and humans, but he is a great companion for both children and adults. A Balto poster will also teach your kids about the importance of a pet, so go ahead and purchase a Balto poster for your child.

The poster is a great memento of the movie and is based on the classic film. Balto was rescued after a life of abuse, and now he is a part-wolf. He is now a hero because of it. Moreover, his character is a perfect match for Jenna. Their team is in danger when they fall in love. They manage to find one another and return home together.

Ultimately, Balto is rescued by Luk and Muk, and then reunited with his long-lost Jenna. Balto is searching for Jenna when he is attacked by a large black grizzly bear. He manages to escape the attack by tricking the black bear into walking onto the frozen lake. Jenna and Muk help him escape, and eventually Balto tells Boris to go home with Jenna.

Balto, after saving the children from Dr. Steele’s evil plans, sets out to find the team, which includes Steele. Boris, Muk and Luk join the search. Steele is an Alaskan Malamute in black-and-white. Steele is also a mascot for the film. Other actors, such as Brendan Fraser and Jim Cummings, lend their voices to the film.

Buy a Balto Poster Online
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