C If You Can Make Shaq Laugh

Courvoisier, the cognac house of Beam Inc., has launched a “C if you can make Shaq laugh” competition. The contest’s goal is to make Shaquille Laugh by drinking C by Courvoisier, its unapologetic small-batch cognac. The cognac is full-bodied, smooth, and infused with subtle spiciness. Consumers can enter the contest by creating a video that showcases their comedic material. The contest runs through April 1, 2012 and is open to all ages.

While many celebrities are known for being serious, Shaq O’Neal has a fun personality and a quick wit. His quick responses to criticisms and quick comebacks have earned him a loyal following. Despite his tough exterior Shaq has a warm and heartwarming personality that makes it easy to root for him. Shaq is one the greatest basketball players of all-time, and his humor shines through on court and in interviews.

Chuck Barkley accidentally made Shaq giggle by directing the segment crew towards another topic. Shaq’s reaction was so dramatic that Chuck and the rest of the Inside crew couldn’t help but giggle. There are many funny lines throughout the entire segment. In fact, Shaq couldn’t control his laughter, so they apologized to him. Ernie and Kenny couldn’t stop laughing, but Shaq couldn’t help but to laugh.

Thursday’s episode “Inside the NBA” featured Shaquille O’Neal playing Charles Barkley with packing peanuts. The making-of segment was posted on the Instagram account of “NBA on TNT.”

C If You Can Make Shaq Laugh
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