Cairn – A Rules-Light Fantasy Tabletop RPG

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If you’re looking for a rules-light fantasy tabletop RPG, consider Cairn. Originally designed to explore the dreary Wood, Cairn now boasts an astounding amount of content from third parties. It is easy to create characters and it relies on fictional advancement. Here are some of its most notable features. (It has a small learning curve, so don’t expect it to take long.)

The setting is a fantasy land where mice and other anthropomorphic creatures rule. The mice are the protagonists, and attempt to coexist with the other animals. There are more than 200 species to choose from, which means there are over 400 possible character combinations. The rpg’s system relies on 1d12 resolution for some of its most important elements. Among these elements is its emphasis on exploration and fixing up the town of Cairn.

Cairn – A Rules-Light Fantasy Tabletop RPG
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