Caleb Adams

Caleb Adams

Caleb was one of twelve men chosen by Moses to lead their people out of Egypt. He married Miriam, sister of Aharon and Moses.

Josiah, his son, became famously known as one of the leaders of Jews living in the desert. Known for being strong and brave, he led them in defense against attacks by nearby tribesmen.

Early Life and Education

Caleb Adams entered ministry at 14 and currently serves as pastor at Christian Life Tabernacle in Memphis. He strongly advocates for biblical preaching, personal evangelism and revival.

Since 2005, Pastor Joe has led his church through steady growth by teaching biblical doctrine, practical Christian living, and family relationships. He holds a Masters Degree in Christian Leadership from Hope International University and is currently working toward earning his Doctorate of Ministry in Strategic Leadership through Corban University.

Caleb was initially an unhappy child and frequently suffered from ADHD; yet according to his parents he was generally considered an exceptional individual.

Professional Career

Caleb Adams made his professional debut quickly but has shown flashes of promise during his brief professional career. Hailing from Arkansas, the 24-year-old home run hitter has hit several homers; even though his power numbers might not compare as highly to his peers’ numbers, he has shown an ability to make hard contact at times.

Caleb Adams serves as pastor to Christian Life Tabernacle in Memphis and oversees its steady growth. With a master’s degree in Christian Leadership from Hope International University and an avid devotion to biblical preaching, personal evangelism, revival, his primary goal as pastor is helping people realize God is truly with them and has plans for their lives.

Achievement and Honors

Adams excelled during his high school years, receiving numerous honors. This included being recognized as a semi-finalist for the Campbell Trophy – one of the premier football scholar-athlete awards in America.

He earned the prestigious Burger King/Warren Bowlus Academic Achievement Award. Currently enrolled at UW-Stout.

Motivational speaker and author of several books including Keys to Success for Kids, People Skills for Kids and The Relationship Guide.

Adams has also served as an assistant coach at Radford University for eight years, helping guide them to an overall record of 71-18 (80% win rate) over three seasons as well as leading Big South play with 12-2 record and making two consecutive trips to Big South Tournament Championship game.

Personal Life

Caleb Adams found great happiness in the company of his family. Married to Laura Louisa Adams, they shared six children.

He was also survived by three siblings. Unfortunately, he passed away in Missouri.

Caleb Adams earned two all-conference selections during his college volleyball career at Radford. He appeared in 14 five-set matches, leading them to an 22-7 overall record and 12-4 performance in Big South play for 2014.

Adams spent eight seasons as an assistant coach with the Highlanders, helping lead them to reach the Big South Tournament final for two consecutive years and win 20+ games for the first time ever in program history during 2014.

Net Worth

Caleb Adams, an American singer-songwriter and musician best known for appearing on season 19 of American Idol, rose to prominence following his talent show appearance. Known for his beautiful voice, Adams quickly rose to stardom.

He has released several singles and albums. Furthermore, he has appeared in movies and TV shows.

His estimated net worth is around $1 Million, earned through hard work and perseverance.

He boasts a massive fan base across his social media accounts and has amassed considerable wealth through his content creation and comic style, earning a significant sum through brand deals and collaboration opportunities he received. Thanks to this income stream he now lives a comfortable life; owning an Audi car and recently purchasing an engagement ring for his partner.

Caleb Adams

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