Cam Newton Vs Taysom Hill in Your Fantasy Football Lineup

There are a few reasons to consider Cam Newton over Taysom Hill in your fantasy football lineup. While the two quarterbacks are not the best fit for every team, they both have their advantages. Newton, the younger quarterback, has proven himself to be a solid manager. Hill has the talent to make plays, but doesn’t have the elusive speed that Newton does. Hill isn’t afraid of using his legs to gain yards.

If you’re looking to win your fantasy football league, the New Orleans Saints have two starting quarterbacks – Cam Newton and Taysom Hill. Although Newton is still the favorite in AFC, he is the more experienced player. Hill has a solid record against the Jets and is expected to be given more time. The Jets have been terrible against the run. Hill should have an easy time and plenty of room to run.

Although Newton’s numbers are better than Hill’s on paper, his inability to stop and start quickly and lack of agility make him vulnerable to the running. Hill, however, can use his size to run over people and gain more yards. Hill, regardless of his strengths, would have been a great fit for Carolina’s system. He’s still under contract through the end of the season so it’s unlikely that the Panthers would be foolish enough to move Newton.

The Saints turned to Taysom Hill over Winston during the 2020 season when Drew Brees suffered a season-ending ACL injury. Winston is now out of the season. The Saints may consider Cam Newton or Trevor Siemian as replacements. The 2020 Taysom Hill experiment was a failure, but not a great success. The rookie was all over the place with the ball, throwing four touchdowns and totaling 834 yards.

Boston Scott is a great place to start if you are looking for a RB with high future potential. Although the Philadelphia Eagles have a few starting RBs, they have been inconsistent so this season. Neither has a great run defense, so if you’re a fantasy football owner, Boston Scott is a safe bet. He averaged 23.4 Fantasy points per game in his five-game career.

The Atlanta Falcons rank 28th in schedule-adjusted pass defense. Both teams have terrible pass defenses, and they’re terrible in three categories: overall, pass defense, and pass rush. Cam Newton appears more likely to make plays against the Carolina Panthers than Taysom Hill. Cam Newton’s rise is more important and the Panthers’ offense looks poised for improvement.

With less than a minute remaining in the first half, the Saints were faced with a third-and-11 scenario. Carolina did not have timeouts and had no other way to stop the Saints. Taysom Hill made a 28-yard back shoulder pass to Callaway. In addition to the back-shoulder, Hill hit Lil’Jordan Humphrey for 15 yards and hit Callaway for 18 more. This quick pass gave Maher the opportunity to score a third field goal.

Cam Newton Vs Taysom Hill in Your Fantasy Football Lineup
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