How to See Someone’s iMessages without Them Knowing

How to See Someone’s iMessages

How to see someone’s iMessages? This is the question often asked by many. People are looking for ways to sneak into someone’s iMessages for multiple reasons; safety is the primary concern.

For a couple, seeing others ‘ iMessages may give a couple an answer about loyalty. Meanwhile, the parents can always see their kids’ iMessages to see the activities or specific behavior that might be hidden from the parents.

What Is iMessage

Before actually talking about how to see someone’s iMessages without their phone much further, you should know how to receive text messages from another phone. If you’re an Apple product user, surely you’ve been familiar with this.

iMessage is the messaging feature provided by Apple for all its devices. It was first released in 2011 and has continued to be developed since. Other than texts, you can exchange photos, images, and more within the iMessage feature.

The app, however, is only compatible with Apple devices, which basically means you can’t use it with Android. So if you want to communicate with someone’s Android OS, simply use the Message feature instead.

Try mSpy

So, how to get someone else’s iMessages on your phone without them knowing? The answer would be using spying apps, like mSpy, for example. mSpy works wonderfully to obtain any information you need from the target phone’s iMessages.

You can easily use it to find location by phone number, even without their knowledge. But, you need to install the app beforehand on the target’s phone. All kinds of info you need will be displayed on the given monitoring panel. By accessing the panel, you can see:

  • What kind of messages were received and sent out of the device;
  • See the contents within the chats, including photos and videos;
  • Check the contact of the sender or receiver.

Note that after installing the app on the target’s phone, you can always access their iMessage without triggering any notification whenever you want.

Try iTunes Backup

Another method you can use to read someone’s iMessage without them knowing is the iTunes backup method. This method requires you to use the iCloud backup extractor function to see all information contained within the backup file. You can see all the messages and other files stored previously by opening the data.

Now to do this, follow the simple steps below:

  1. You need to download an extractor first and find it on the internet (any app is okay)
  2. Click the app and select Recover from iTunes
  3. Select Start
  4. You may select any type of data you want, click iMessage
  5. After scanning the source of data, you can finally read the target’s phone iMessages.

Try Apple ID

You can also sign into iMessage without notification by checking their Apple ID. This ID is crucial and considered a valid identifier of an Apple phone. Knowing what kind of Apple ID they have on their devices, you can sneak up and use the ID and simply allow yourself to enter their private data.

To properly do it, you need to do several steps, as such:

  1. Do the usual login process into iCloud, and enter with the target phone’s Apple ID;
  2. After successfully logging in, navigate to the iMessages, and check all the chats;
  3. If you notice anything suspicious, make screenshots and send them to your phone.

Although it’s fast, you need to remember that obtaining the Apple ID is a must if you want to achieve your target with this method.


And there you have it, the best methods to enter someone’s iMessages. To secretly enter someone’s iMessages, you can either use the backup function or obtain the Apple ID directly, which is complicated and tricky. Thus, we’d like to recommend using spy apps, like mSpy, which has already proven to be more practical, although you need to install the app first on the target phone.

How to See Someone’s iMessages without Them Knowing

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