Can You Help Nevarra Or Tevinter?

Can you help Tevinter or Nevarra? The Dalish people don’t remember how they came to own this land, but they do believe that the goddess would protect them and guide them to new lands. This makes the Dalish people a prime target of the Tevinter. The Dalish helper Crow hire has an uncle in the Dalish clan, and one of his cousins is a Dalish helper. Some of the soldiers who search the countryside for the Dalish are horrifying and have been seen by Tevinter soldiers.

Although Tevinter was not explored before, it is rich in history. This was once a great empire. However, its crumbling government left it a magocracy with many blood magic masters. Tevinter was the one who initiated the Darkspawn Invasion. It has a history with Qunari and other parts of Thedas and has had poor relations with elves.

The Mortalitasi are powerful Nevarran mages who serve as the arcane protectors of Nevarra. These mages can also bring in dead souls. They believe that their death would cause the Fade to be pushed out. They believe that good souls will go to the Maker. The Mortalitasi spend most of their time in the Grand Necropolis. They rarely venture into the city of Nevarra, instead spending their time raising Fade spirits to do chores.

Another war table operation, “Stop War Between Nevarra and Tevinter” can be completed after Strike a Bargain With Merchant Princes. Although Nevarra and Tevinter had been at war for centuries, the Inquisition sent soldiers in order to end the war and prevent it from happening again. The Inquisition intervened to stop a full-scale conflict and forced the princes to reevaluate their positions.

The Mourn Watch is a mysterious force from Nevarra that is described in the book. The Antiva is the capital city of the country Antiva, and is bordered by Tevinter on the east. These guards guard the world against occult threats and may be linked to the necropolises in Tevinter. It is possible they may have something to do the Mourn Watch.

Cory plans to release the demon and rebuild Tevinter, but the demon he releases will wipe out most of the Minrathous, and Venatori’s plan is to kill most of the Minrathous. This would also destroy the Tevinter. These people still hope to enter the Black City, and they feel that the demon’s fall is a test of their faith.

Can You Help Nevarra Or Tevinter?
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