Cane Corso Cropped Ears

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The Cane Corso’s cropped ears can be a stylish, fun addition to your dog’s appearance. Although many people believe that cropped ears can enhance a dog’s appearance, it is not for everyone. Cane Corsos were traditionally taken hunting with their owners. This breed is well-known for its tendency to get its ears caught in brambles and thorn bushes. Therefore, owners began to clip their dog’s ears while hunting. This is still a common practice today.

Some veterinarians are willing to perform the cropping exercise on older Cane Corsos. There is a limit to how long a Cane Corso can keep its natural ear shape. Cropping is usually easier and safer after eight to 12 weeks. The ear grows and puts more pressure on the cartilage. Cropping an animal’s ear too soon can pose a danger. Many owners wait until their dog is old enough to do so.

Before deciding on a cane corso’s ear cropping style, make sure that you check with the breeder or veterinarian before making the decision. Some breeders may not allow this style. However, it is possible. Ask if there is a refund policy and a satisfaction guarantee. The process of ear-cropping can take up to an hour so be patient and don’t be discouraged if a breeder says no.

Generally, when it comes to cropping the ears of a Cane Corso, the longer the hair on the dog’s head, the easier it is for the veterinarian to do it. A Cane Corso with cropped ears will look friendly and relaxed, as opposed to clumsy and emaciated ears. The cost of the procedure will vary depending on the Cane Corso’s ears. It can cost between $150 and 600 dollars. The $250 fee covers the cost of the surgery, medication, and follow-up visit.

There are three basic styles of Cane Corso cropped ears. The battle crop is the shortest, and leaves approximately a third of the ear intact. This style is rare in the Cane Corso breed. The long crop is the most tall style with a pointed tip. And while the battle crop looks severe, it can also detract from a dog’s correct head structure.

There are two options for Cane Corso ears to be trimmed. The first option is to visit a vet who specializes in the procedure. Although many vets can do the job, a specialist vet will be more equipped to ensure successful cropping. The vet should be able to provide you with evidence that the procedure was done properly. Do your research about the benefits of Cane Corso ears being cropped.

A dog with cropped ears is more alert and has a more striking presence. It will look like a labrador retriever but without the ears it would look more like a small labrador. You’ll be getting comments from people when you show your pup with its cropped ears. The decision to crop is a personal one, but there are many benefits to this style. It may not be right for everyone, but it can give your dog a distinct look.

Cane Corso Cropped Ears
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