Capital Car Wash Needs a Tunnel that Stands Out

The automated 150′ tunnel at Capital Car Wash is one of the most advanced in the country. This hybrid washing system combines high pressure sprays with soft, flexible foam brushes to give your car a streak-free shine. The result is a sparkling, clean car in the blink of an eye. The Capital Car Wash is known for its high quality and customer service. It is the premier auto care facility in New England. For a thorough cleaning of your vehicle, visit the location.

John Imreibe wanted to create a carwash that offers a unique experience for customers in order to make his brand stand out. Soos, the architect, discussed various ways to make this vision come to life. Soos & Associates is an architectural firm that specializes in small businesses. This made them a perfect fit for this project. Soos & Associates provided a sketch for the prototype. The owners met with Soos & Associates to discuss various ideas and devised a modern masonry solution.

The architects at Soos & Associates were able to come up with a design that was sleek and functional while still providing a great customer experience. The resulting prototype design features a combination of contemporary masonry solutions that call out the entrance and exit of the tunnel. It was important to visually indicate traffic flow so customers feel more at ease. Although a typical business may not look as sleek and elegant, a great design can set the tone of a positive customer experience.

Melanie Imreibe, founder of Capital Car Wash, wanted the brand to impress its customers, while making it an enjoyable place to work. A modern masonry solution was the best option. It featured steep-roofed flanking towers that call out the entrance and exit of the tunnel, while also visualizing the flow of traffic. Soos & Associates specialized on new business development and have completed many projects over the years.

The owner wanted Capital Car Wash to be a destination and offer a memorable experience. The upscale, contemporary design would appeal to customers and enhance the overall flow of the business. And it would have to appeal to customers. But if it doesn’t, it will likely not be as successful as its competitors. Soos & Associates worked with a group talented designers. The result is a striking, modern building that will be noticed among the crowd of carwashes.

The Capital Car Wash is a local business that has been thriving in Germantown, Maryland. The company employs two people. It operates in the Automotive, Parking, and Washing and Polishing sectors. Its unique design will distinguish the brand from the competition, and is expected to attract a variety of customers. The capital car wash has a long-standing presence in the area. It will be an important addition to the community and the neighborhood. The owners are also investing in the business through the sale of the products and services.

Melanie Imreibe and her staff designed the Capital Car Wash’s design. The idea was to create a clean, sleek space that would impress customers. Although the design of the building isn’t as striking as other carwashes in this area, it is functional. Instead, the space was made to enhance the streetscape. The Capital Car Wash is different from other carwashes. It is designed to appeal customers who are looking to get a convenient, clean, and affordable service.

The Capital Car Wash has many other attractive features, besides the logo. Melanie Imreibe, an architect by training, designed the interior. The business’s design helps to improve the flow of the business and enhance the customer experience. The exterior of the building has been built in a way that will ensure that the customers’ satisfaction is high. The space has a sleek design and is easy to navigate.

Imreibe assembled a team of professionals to establish Capital Car Wash as a company. Melanie Soos, president and founder of Soos & Associates in Lincolnshire is one of them. Gerry Brady, owner of ENZ Masonry, also worked with the company to design the exterior of the Capital Car Wash. With the help of her team, she was able to create a conceptualized building that would be aesthetically pleasing to customers.

Capital Car Wash Needs a Tunnel that Stands Out
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