Captain Hook’s Helper in Peter Pan

Captain Hook’s friend Smee is the helper in Peter Pan, played by Bob Hoskins. Hook gives Smee special privileges, such as access to his private quarters. Hook lets Smee cook meals and helps Hook get ready for bed. Hook confides his darkest thoughts in Smee, who gives him a kiss on the cheek to discourage him. Smee has a deep and abiding love for children and is Captain Hook’s helper.

This crossword clue – Captain Hook’s helper in Peter Pan – was last seen in the Daily Themed Crossword for the day of January 20 2022. It follows the standard crossword structure with crossword clues being arranged down and across. It is your goal to solve each crossword clue and unlock the corresponding levels, solving the puzzle. Daily Themed Crosswords provide a wide variety of features and helpful tools for solving the puzzle.

Smee is a character who appears in many Disney movies and books. He lives in the Underground Home of the Lost Boys. At the end, Mr. Smee goes back to London and opens a shop selling souvenirs of Neverland. He also appears in Walt Disney’s 1953 film Peter Pan and its sequel Return to Never Land. In both films, Mr. Smee serves as Captain Hook’s first mate. His personality and appearance are very similar to Captain Hook’s. He is sometimes called a bo’sun.

Captain Hook’s Helper in Peter Pan
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