Cara Pavalock Attorney

If you are seeking a family law lawyer, you have probably heard about the services of a Cara Pavalock attorney. With nearly two decades of experience, she is a valuable asset to the Connecticut family bar. In addition to her work in the field of family law, she is also a member of the Women’s Bar Association. To learn more about this attorney, read on. Here are some things to look for when choosing an attorney:

The Plaintiff asserted that the defendant’s actions were inconsistent with the spirit of effective co-parenting. She testified that the plaintiff was told that her hiring of Attorney Pavalock was conditional upon escalation of the parenting dispute. The plaintiff testified that the notice of the defendant’s intention to hire her was sufficient to persuade her that she did not want her own attorney to represent her.

The plaintiff argued that the attorney did not make a fair argument. This argument was supported by her client’s arguments. The defendant’s motion to disqualify the attorney had an appearance of impropriety. She argued that the defendant’s behavior was improper and did not follow the law. This argument failed in court. As a result, the plaintiff’s motion was denied. The plaintiff is now seeking a trial date for her trial.

The plaintiff also argues that Attorney Pavalock’s representation of the defendant creates the appearance of impropriety. Although she serves in the legislature, the rules of professional conduct do not explicitly state that an attorney must avoid appearances of impropriety. Furthermore, Canon 9 of the Code of Professional Responsibility does not impose any requirements on the representation of the defendant, based on Plaintiff’s level of comfort. This is not enough to disqualify the attorney.

Cara Pavalock Attorney
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