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Carl van Württemberg is the current head of the House of Württemberg. In 1975 he succeeded his father Philip II. Carl is the second son of Philipp (1893-1975) and Archduchess Rosa von Habsburg (1906-1983). Since his eldest brother Ludwig renounced his rights as host of the house of Württemberg in 1959, he succeeded the house in 1960. How rich is Carl Herzog von Württemberg?

Entrepreneur. Born on February 5, 1944 in Heidelberg, Germany. Carl Duke of Württemberg fortune is estimated at around 1 billion euros. On July 21, 1960, he married Princess Diane d’Orléans (born 1940), the daughter of Prince Henri, Count of Paris, and his wife, Princess Isabelle of Orléans-Braganza. They had four sons and two daughters.

Bourgeois name: Carl Maria Peter Ferdinand Philipp Albrecht Joseph Michael Pius Konrad Robert Ulrich Duke of Württemberg
Spouse: Diane Duchess of Württemberg (married 1960)
Carl Duke of Württemberg Size: 1.85 m
Nationality: German
His career began: 1960
House: House of Württemberg

What is the net worth of Carl Herzog von Württemberg?
Carl Herzog von Württemberg’s assets are currently € 1 billion.

He runs the house from the Altshausen family castle. He is responsible for the management of 5500 hectares of forest and 2000 hectares of meadows in Germany. The family also owns 700 properties around the world, forests in Spain, Canada and Austria and shares in companies.
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Carl Duke of Wurttemberg fortune

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