Carl Elsener junior fortune

Carl Elsener Jr. is a Swiss entrepreneur and has been CEO of Victorinox AG since 2007, a family company that employed 2,000 people worldwide in 2015. How rich is Carl Elsener?

Entrepreneur. Born in 1958 in Schwyz, Switzerland. Carl Elsener fortune is estimated at around 400 million euros. Carl Elsener Jr. is the great-grandson of Karl Elsener (1860-1918) and the son of Carl Elsener senior (1922-2013). Karl Elsener had opened a factory for the manufacture of knives and surgical instruments in Ibach in 1884, from which the knife factory Victorinox emerged. In October 2000, Elsener founded the Victorinox Foundation together with his father and brother Eduard Elsener as a successor solution in order to ensure the survival and continued prosperity of the family company.

Bourgeois name: Carl Elsener junior
Carl Elsener size: 1.74 m
Nationality: Swiss
His career began: 1980

What is Carl Elsener’s net worth?
Carl Elsener’s assets are currently € 400 million.

Elsener has been managing the company as CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors since 2007.

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Carl Elsener junior fortune

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