Carlos Correa Makes His Major League Baseball Debut

As a shortstop in the Major League Baseball, Carlos Correa makes his Major League Baseball debut for the Minnesota Twins. He previously played for the Houston Astros and was selected by the team with the first overall pick in the 2012 MLB draft. He has played for many other MLB teams since his MLB debut. Here’s a look at his impressive stats. It’s not surprising that he will be making his debut as a shortstop with the Twins.

Correa hit a two-run homer in his first major league game Sunday. He made his MLB debut as a defensive replacement in the eighth inning, but didn’t get an official at-bat until the ninth inning. In the meantime, his pre-game batting practice was impressive, and the Astros were able to successfully challenge the call and reinstate Correa. This is a major accomplishment for the young star.

Carlos Correa was drafted by the Astros and made his Major League debut against Chris Sale. Correa was one of seven players to reach the major leagues, but was not able to make his debut until July 1, 2016. The Astros had drafted him at the top of the 2012 draft and had him join the team right away. Although he wasn’t promoted immediately to the major leagues, Correa’s performance has been steadily improving over time, so the Astros don’t worry about him getting a quick start in the league.

Carlos Correa made a double play in his MLB debut after a blown call in the batting debut. Correa was able to transfer to second base without any errors after a pitch reached the warning track. He also beat Avisail Garcia at plate. After the game, the play was reviewed. The final score was the same. After all, the Red Sox won.

After his big league debut, Carlos Correa was back at his peak. In his first 50 games, he had 11 homers as well as 35 RBI. He missed two months after returning from the injured-list, mainly due to lower back soreness. He returned to the team in August but only hit two more long balls. He still had 65 RBI which was enough to launch a career.

Since his Major League debut, Carlos Correa has become the most successful shortstop in franchise history. In his 20 first games, he had five hits and 14 extra-base hits. As a shortstop, he led the American League with 22 home runs. By the end of his first season, he’d already broken the record for most shortstop home runs by a shortstop. He also set a franchise record for the most home runs in one season on June 19.

Before making his MLB debut, Correa first made his name in Puerto Rico. Correa was the first Puerto Rican player to be selected in the 2012 amateur draft. Astros officials were impressed by Correa’s late-night workouts, which earned him the nickname “The New Alex Rodriguez.”

Carlos Correa Makes His Major League Baseball Debut
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