Carolina Panthers Win 24-20 Over Atlanta Falcons in 2013 NFL Playoffs

On Sunday, the Carolina Panthers defeated the Atlanta Falcons 24-20. Carolina had secured the NFC South title and the #2 seed. They were 12-4 in the regular season, but were 10-18 when Newton threw two interceptions in the second half. They also swept Atlanta for the first time since 2005. But that was all about to change. With Cam Newton as their quarterback, the Panthers are now unbeatable.

Carolina had to fight hard to win for its sixth straight win, especially after beating the defending NFC champion 49rs and two division rivals in the previous weeks. This momentum was a valuable asset as they battled the Patriots in one of the NFL’s most watched games of the week. A loss would leave them out of the playoffs in the AFC East. But that wouldn’t stop the Panthers.

The Patriots were able to take advantage of the Carolina Panthers’ defense, but the offense came back in the second half. New England’s offense finally came through after being shut out for the first half. They gained yards but only managed three points. In the second half, they converted those yards into touchdowns and took a 20-17 lead with 6:36 left in the fourth quarter. The Panthers’ offense was on its path to a crucial win in a game that featured several pivotal plays.

The 2013 season of the Carolina Panthers ended with 12 wins, four losses and was good enough to take first place in NFC South. They were also 0-1 in playoffs but did not advance to Super Bowl. They are now 10-4 when Newton throws at least one turnover. What did they do to get into the playoffs? Here’s what you need to know. And remember – the playoffs aren’t just for the Super Bowl.

The Carolina Panthers sacked quarterback Matt Ryan nine times, breaking the single-game franchise record. The Panthers trailed the Falcons 21-20 in the fourth quarter. They had a chance of winning the game, but center Joe Hawley took the ball before Matt Ryan could. The ball went 16 yards back to the Atlanta 27. After the game, Hawley admitted that he was distracted by the Atlanta Panther fans.

iTunes has released the Carolina Panthers 2013 NFL Season Highlights, in addition to the regular season highlights. The series was produced by NFL Films and includes extended highlights of the most memorable moments of each game, including close calls and best plays. The post-game news conferences provide insight into the games and you can watch the players of the Panthers. If you want to learn more about the Panthers’ season, you can watch the Carolina Panthers’ 2013 season highlight reels on YouTube or on their official site.

Carolina Panthers Win 24-20 Over Atlanta Falcons in 2013 NFL Playoffs
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