Henry Bui

Henry Bui – A Financial Advisor Bui’s meticulous portraits of Malian percussionist Baye Kouyate, author Sean Wilsey and documentary photographer Susan Meiselas demonstrate an expansive praxis encompassing art, culture and society. Her Symphony #2 (for Agnes Gund) presents a formalist duality in which linear likenesses are juxtaposed against nonrepresentation. As one of Philadelphia, PA’s premier […]

Henry Carling

Henry Carling Henry Carling took great pride in serving his home community of London. To this end, he secured government contracts for construction of London’s asylum, built on land sold to them back in 1870; and also assisted in setting up mechanics’ institutes across Ontario. As soon as dual representation was abolished, he declined an […]

Henry Buller

Henry Buller Henry Buller is an associate professor in geography at the university of Exeter. He has written extensively on social scientific approaches to animal welfare and human-animal relationships. Brodrick and Lord Roberts saw him as vulnerable after suffering early defeats at Magersfontein and Stormberg, receiving harsh press criticism, and facing harsh scrutiny by Brodrick […]

Henry Brinks

Henry Brinks Henry Brinks was an esteemed intellectual property attorney at Brinks Gilson and Lione. Unfortunately, he died at 97 in June 2022. Henry Luke Brinks and Karin Brinks. Henry Luke attended Bethel Church of Wheaton regularly for both morning and evening services. He leaves behind his wife Phyllis Brinks as well as children Darlene […]

Henry Breese

Henry Breese Henry Breese died at his birthplace, United States on the month day and time indicated. He left behind three siblings. Balemas Breese was born in Mendham, Morris County, New Jersey to Henry and Phoebe Hayden Breese and named for someone on her side of the family. Later, the couple relocated to Washington County, […]

Henry Breault

The Story of Henry Breault This article dismantles the grand narrative surrounding Medal of Honor recipient Henry Breault and examines its contemporary enshrinement, long period of intermittent interest, and later iconographic creation as a subterranean folk hero in present-day. TM2c Breault was an extraordinary Navy sailor who went above and beyond his duty by returning […]

Henry Brean

Henry Brean, a Reporter for the Arizona Daily Star Henry Brean, an Arizona Daily Star reporter covering water and environment issues since joining in 2019, after 25 years at Nevada newspapers, says he’s grateful to be part of an ambitious newsroom like Arizona Daily Star that supports ambitious work like The Water Question; long-standing sources […]

Henry Wildeboer

Henry Wildeboer Wildeboer realized in the 1970s, when Calgary’s oil industry was flourishing, that reaching out to young workers in Christian Reformed congregations and keeping them active was important for keeping them connected with them and engaged within Christian Reformed congregations was key for keeping them active in Christian Reformed worship services. He did this […]

Henry Valve

Henry Valve Company – A Brief History Henry Technologies is an industry-leading supplier of HVAC and refrigeration components. Their products offer energy savings, improved comfort levels and reduced operating expenses. When the valve is activated, it emits a flutter sound to indicate that air has passed through the device and resolved pneumothorax. This is confirmed […]

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