Catherine Oliver

Catherine Oliver is a Public Relations Specialist for the City of New York

Thomas Oliver has an affinity for photographing wildlife in its natural setting, making him the ideal photographer to be featured on shows such as Deadliest Catch on Discovery Channel.

She currently serves as Mentorship Consultant and Training and Learning Consultant for the Partnership Grant’s mentorship component, working alongside Michele Durrant to plan and execute this program.

Early Life and Education

Oliver hails from Rogers, Arkansas and graduated with honors from the University of Arkansas, where she also belonged to Alpha Delta Pi sorority and served on homecoming court maid. Alongside her husband Thomas she co-owns Oliver Media Services LLC and Filmmakers Inc as marketing/film companies; additionally Oliver also manages NYC Media which operates a network of television/radio stations as well as video on demand player.

Catherine, created by Atlus team lead by Persona series producer Katsura Hashino and released in 2016, is a puzzle game about an older bachelor and his affair with an unrepentant blonde bombshell. Re-released in 2019 as Catherine: Full Body with new content including Rin (short for Qatherine) as a love interest and several new endings.

Professional Career

Catherine works with individuals and teams across professional services, financial services, UK Civil Service and not-for-profits to address their communications challenges. Her approach combines support and challenge that helps clients recognize blindspots, develop new insights and try different approaches.

Once she left New York City’s Film Commissioner position, Oliver now travels the world providing advice to mayors on how to attract productions. Oliver acknowledges that cities may not have complete control over currency rates or tax incentives but can offer excellent customer service to crew and producers and encourage them to invest in the local economy by providing quality customer care services and encouraging investments by crew and producers.

When she’s not leading adventures for Amelia Adventures, you may spot her alongside husband Thomas, daughters Amelia and Evie as well as his parents on Fernandina Beach beach – they form part of a fourth generation Fernandina Beach family!

Achievement and Honors

The Oliver family lived a lavish and active life. There were lavish parties at Copshaholm, entertaining up to 600 guests at South Bend’s Palais Royale Ballroom and lengthy foreign cruises; but at the same time they were extremely charitable.

Oliver has an extensive record of public service, such as her role as commissioner of NYC Media – a city agency dedicated to supporting New York’s film and television industries – which annually contribute $7.1 billion to New York City’s economy. She received praise from Mayor Michael Bloomberg for revitalizing this sector of local economy.

She is also an accomplished attorney, offering legal services in Taos, New Mexico. Her work was recognized by her peers when she was named one of 2007’s Super Lawyers by American Bar Association.

Personal Life

Catherine Oliver and Thomas are fourth-generation Fernandina Beach families who take great joy in sharing their knowledge of this vibrant island with visitors to Fernandina Beach. Catherine holds Outward Bound instructor certification, is experienced guiding kayaking trips, and holds craniosacral certification from Nancy Witt PT and Einat Arian – among many other credentials!

As commissioner, she led New York City’s media and entertainment agencies including NYC Media. NYC Media operates TV channels, radio stations and an online video player featuring city life; content on this player attracts 1.5 million weekly views.

Oliver currently works as a Principal at Bloomberg Associates, an organization which assists cities worldwide in solving long-term issues and meeting urban challenges. Since this philanthropic consulting firm is free for cities to use, Oliver can focus on what’s essential.

Net Worth

Catherine Oliver has earned a 5-out-of-5 patient review rating and practices Emergency Medicine at Queens Medical Center.

She is well-recognized in her field and has successfully avoided any controversy that might impede her professional life. Additionally, her profession has allowed her to amass immense wealth.

She currently serves as Commissioner of NYC Media, an agency within NYC government responsible for managing television and radio stations run by Mayor de Blasio as well as creating content distributed online and via traditional broadcast media outlets. Additionally, she oversees Bloomberg’s efforts with cities around the globe to address long-term problems and urban challenges.

Catherine Oliver
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