Celebrities at the World Series

There’s a good chance that you’ll see some celebrities at the World Series, regardless of whether you are a baseball fan. Here are a few celebrities who have attended World Series games. If you’re a sports fan, you’ll probably notice the presence of Tom Hanks and Tiger Woods among the players. You might also spot Tom Hanks himself. No matter what team you’re rooting for, there will be some well-known names in attendance.

Fans were treated to a slew of famous faces at the World Series. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez attended a game as fans. Danny Trejo and Jason Bateman were also present. Jimmy Kimmel and Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx were also seen in the stands. Lady Gaga also shared a photo with Joe Torre. Hank Aaron? You can’t go wrong when you have a celebrity, right!

The Astros brought out the big guns to Game 1. J.J. Watt, a Texan came out to cheer on the Astros. He was joined by his fiance, Kealia Ohai, for the first pitch. Another big name, Nicole Scherzinger, sang the national anthem on Fox. The Astros won Game 1 but other top pop stars were there as well. Justin Timberlake, a Los Angeles Dodger fan, was on hand to sing the anthem.

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez also attended Game 1 in Boston. They spotted each other in a crowd. They shared their experiences on Twitter and thanked Bslater9 for their hospitality. The trophy was won by the Red Sox, but the Dodgers lost game five to the Red Sox and were eliminated from the World Series. Rousey didn’t stop tweeting about it. And she did just that.

Scott Walker and Herschel Walker were also among the notable celebrities who attended this year’s World Series. Both were seen at the game Saturday night. Walker is running for a seat in Georgia. The president has also called for a boycott of MLB after the decision to move the 2021 All-Star game from Atlanta to another city. The ruling was based on a restrictive voting law, which Trump was very vocal about. The World Series game was no exception to the rule.

As a baseball fan, it’s important to note that Dodger fans are the most likely to see Hollywood stars at the World Series. These stars will not only be there cheering them on, but they will also be there in the stands. Andre Johnson, the former star of “The Game” in Los Angeles, is another famous face in the series. Andre Johnson is also a fan and has posted several pictures on Twitter.

Celebrities at the World Series
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