Chakuza fortune

Chakuza is an Austrian rapper. How rich is Chakuza?

Rapper. Born on February 22nd, 1981 in Linz, Austria. Chakuza fortune is estimated at around 400 thousand euros. After completing an apprenticeship as a chef, he teamed up with DJ Stickle and MC J and founded the hip-hop group Verbale Systematik. When MC J left the group in 2002, they changed their name to Beatlefield and became a production duo. In 2005, the two of them approached Bushido and gave him a demo tape of theirs, which consisted of numerous beats and a song.

Bourgeois name: Peter Pangerl
Chakuza size: 1.75 m
Nationality: more Austrian
His career began: 2002
Cooperation with: Beatlefield, Bizzy Montana, Joshi Mizu, Baba Saad, Nazar.

What is the net worth of Chakuza?
Chakuza’s assets are currently at € 400 thousand.

Record labels: Four Music.
Music genres: Austrian hip-hop.
Debut studio album: Search & destroy.
Films: Times change you, Schwarzkopf, Schwarzkopf – this is chaos, brother !.

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Chakuza fortune

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