Charlie Bears – Miss Behaving

The Charlie Bears have added the adorable Miss Behaving to their line. A plush bear, Miss Behaving is a ten-and-a-half inch, 27-cm plush bear with matching partners. Miss Behaving is made of short-pile, soft plush. She has a caramel and cream body and satin ribbon bow around her neck. She is suitable to be used by children aged three and older.

The company was originally founded in North Yorkshire, England, but later relocated to Cornwall, England. The husband-and-wife couple who run the company strive to make each bear unique and of the highest quality. The bears’ expressive faces are the result countless hours of hard work. Charlie Bears employs teddy bear artists such as Korean artist Isabelle Lee, Australian Lisa Rosenbaum, and New Zealand artist Heather Lyell.

Charlie Bears are unique because each one is handmade. This ensures a bear with its own unique personality. These bears have a “love me” look that children will love. Their soft fur and warm faces have become iconic in children’s homes. They’re popular with babies, as well as adults. No matter how difficult they try, a Charlie Bear will bring a smile on your child’s face.

Charlie Bears – Miss Behaving
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